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hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world well once again you have asked and I am going to give it to you you have asked me to make a lady’s wallet now how does the lady’s wallet different from man’s wallet you might say well you know I aren’t all wallets the same well the way I look at a lady’s wallet is it’s got a flap that opens and then it has a place for cards a place for your ID in this case I’ve got a key holder this is where you can put a key at place for money so that’s what I kind of think of a lady’s wallet it’s just a little bit bigger and has a little bit more space for more stuff let me show you what I mean here this one I’ve got all of the cards are already lined up here and there you can see there’s my key and I could put my ID right in here and I can put money in here now this one here would which I made this actually has two pockets for money so you could put money in this one and money in this one got your cards here your ID right there and it closes up like that so it keeps everything nice and safe what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to show you how to make one that has two pockets like this a whole bunch of credit card the ID card holders it’s going to have a place for your actual ID and it’s actually going to have that key as well so I’m going to show you the big Mungo complex lady’s wallet here we go but you don’t have to call it a lady’s wallet it’s basically a clutch a clutch that can hold everything so for this of course we’re going to need some duct tape we’re going to need scissors we’re going to need a ruler it’s good to always have a pen and I’m going to have some packing tape and the reason I’m gonna have packing tape is because I want to make that ID holder so for my ID holder I’m going to need some packing tape now for the wallet you are going to want to make five pieces of duct tape fabric if you don’t know how to make duct tape fabric you want to go to our home page our YouTube home page and you can see how to make basic duct tape fabric and this fabric you’re going to want to make and cut two four by seven okay so you need five pieces of these so to start with I’m going to start by just making a basic pocket I’m going to put pink side to pink side here but I could do pink to blue it’s however you want to do it in fact let’s do pink outside so I’m going to go paint a pink excuse me blue to blue pink on the outside and what I need to do is seal these edges and make a pocket so I’m going to take some purple here four inches I’m going to rip this in half this way and I’m basically going to seal this side all I’m going to do is take it place it right at the top here and I’m putting it on half halfway here see this this is half sticky sticking off there so that when I flip it over it seals this together see see sealed okay so that’s sealed there now I do it on the other side with this other piece once again go right to the top here halfway turn it over seal it now I’m going to get rid of this middle piece here these little teeny tiny pieces I’m just going to snip those off snip snip so don’t need those and now I need to seal the bottom and this is going to need to be a seven inch piece and again I’m going to rip this in half because they don’t need that much to seal my bottom I’m just going to seal it by doing it halfway and folding it over this way half way okay and there you have it there’s my pink pocket with the blue on the inside now I want to make two of these and I’ve already made one I’ve made opposite each other which will be fun see this is going to be one side of the wallet this is going to be the other side they’re almost like a book they’re going to book in together like this I’m not going to put them together yet though and I’m not going to add the flap yet what I want to do is create my pockets they’re going to go inside first now to make a pocket for my wallet just like this one I want to show you they’re all lined up right so what I want to do is I’m going to make pieces that are four inches wide and I’m going to use one piece of duct tape this so I take four inches and I’m going to need another 4-inch piece so now I’ve got these two four inch pieces and what I’m going to do flip this one over now this is really really important when you’re making these little wallet pockets what you want to do is you want to leave a half an inch of sticky on the bottom so I’m going to take my piece here I’m going to lay it on top so that I have exactly a half an inch on the bottom there whoop let’s run it away and now when I flip it over I just fold this sticky part over so that I have sticky on the bottom and the rest of it is just fabric this is why because I’m going to take this and I’m going to stick it right here in my wallet the sticky part is going to keep it in place now you’ll notice it’s a little bit bigger than I need it to be so I’m just going to trim the size just a tiny bit like that okay so now I’m going to lay this sticky part right on the edge of my wallet like that I’m going to get this up of the way now you can see that this flops this way don’t worry about that it’s going to change I promise you okay now what I’m going to do is I’m going to take a bunch of pockets and line them up now what’s really important here is that you make your pockets ahead of time to make it much much easier than doing it one pocket a ton but what’s really important here is you’re going to need a card so let me grab a card here got my labra card always have my library card and I’m going to use my card as a measuring so basically what I’m going to do is I’m going to come in here and I want and put my next pocket about Oh quarter inch up so see there’s about a quarter inch in there or actually that you let me measure make sure mm I’m sorry it’s more like a half an inch so it’s a half an inch that way when I place my card here there’s a tiny bit of the pocket over top do you see that there’s tiny little bit of that over top that’s going to make it easy for me to get my cards out okay so I’m going to open this up now I just fold this one down I’ve got all my pockets pre-made over here once again I’m going to leave a little bit but quarter an eighth of an inch there we go so you can see these are starting to line up one two and put another one I like to alternate my pattern here so that way I can easily see my pockets okay once again I’m going to go up about a quarter to half an inch and you know it depends on how many pockets you want to place in here too the closer you go the more pockets you’ll get in okay once again go now don’t worry if they overlap a little bit over here because I can always cut that later on take another one now as you get close to the top the one thing you want to do is you want to make sure that whichever however where your pocket and it lands that this is not going to stick out and up so it’s really important that you put your card there open it up and it worked out perfectly here you should be able to stick it right there perfect okay now I’ve got a little extra here you can see that but not to worry I’m just going to come and trim right along the top here so that’s nothing to get worried about there we go trim that away okay now I have to seal these so what I’m going to do is remember I had this from earlier when I sealed that earlier I’m going to rip it in half again because this is really just sealing in these pockets so I’m going to go right along the edge there and seal those pockets in okay and now I want to do the same thing over on the other side always make sure that you’ve got enough room for your credit cards so again you can see I don’t want too much just a little teeny bit right along that edge then I open up my purse here and I can just fold this right in see that now all of my cards will fit right on in here so we’re finished that we’re going to put this off to the side and save that for later okay now we’re going to take that second pocket remember we had two of these and now we’re going to make our ID holder and place for our key so what I’m going to do so I’m going to use my card again my library card as my basic size for my measuring template for my window and I think what I’m going to do is I’m going to make it a little tiny bit bigger because some some IDs are bigger than others but I’m going to use this to measure so what I’m going to use is some packing tape and I’m going to do is I’m going to make my packing tape twice the size of my cards so I’ve got one two and I’ll give myself a little bit extra just for safety okay I’m going to take a second piece and like I do with my duct tape always I’m going to overlap about a half an inch but now what I like to do is my packing tape is when I’m done with it I like to fold over just a tiny little bit of the end there because clear packing tape is really hard to find the end once you’ve sealed it so now I can find it easily and open it again okay now I’m going to take this peel it up and then what I’m going to do is just fold this over in half on top of itself and now I’ve got a window now I can trim it now I want to make sure that I leave a little bit on the outsides because I am going to need to adhere this and tape it to my wallet so I’m going to need need to leave about half an inch on either side I’m going to trim a little bit to the top here because it doesn’t need to be that long okay now I’m going to bring this over here and I’m going to adhere this to my latest wallet let’s use some fancy stuff to do this what I’m going to do is measure out my tape I’m going to actually make this into the little strips that I like so much this is going to be about half an inch wide and I’m just going to put it along the bottom here half of it is on the clear glass half of it is on the lady’s wallet and I’m going to slip right at the corner there I’m going to come back on each side here one side here again right on the edge snip now I can use this little piece if I want to conserve my tape make another one now the main thing the most important thing to remember is that as you’re coming over here and securing this top one you want to leave the top flap open this needs to stay open so I’m just going to put my tape right here on the top not not on the wallet and the tape I’m going to going to put it on my clear glass part like this and I can even put my put my card there to make sure that I don’t tape on to it ah can you realize I missed just i/o tiniest little bit over there hang on one sec let me redo that just a tiny little bit it was off there we go there now I’ve got a place for my ID so my ID can go right in there now I wanted to make a place for a key as well so let me get a key here to use as my template now I don’t want my key to stick that’s an important thing so what I’m going to do I’m going to measure the one important thing about your key is that you want to make sure that the top sticks out because if the top doesn’t out you won’t be able to pull it out so I’ve got got it measured there and I need my key to be able to pop out sometimes when you’re doing little duct-tape things like this it gets stuck to your fingers okay so I’m going to take strip here and I’m going to actually create a place for my key to be because I don’t want it to stick to my key so let’s make sure that that’s thick enough for my key that’s perfect so that’s enough space for my key if you had a wider key we’d need a wider space of course and then I’m just going to snip this and I’m going to snip that top and I’m just going to place that right there now you reveal remember that the bottom doesn’t have any sticky on it and so what I’m going to do is take a little bit tiny shine a bit more this tape just seal that bottom and there we go and I think I love that duct tape is you can always rip little teeny tiny pieces put them on there mister look cool it’s pretty forgiving material duct tape Hey snip snip a little teeny bit up here come across the top just basically all I’m doing here you guys is securing it into place to make sure it’s not gonna go anywhere it’s like a tiny little pocket teeny teeny tiny little pocket and you just need to make sure that this opens at the time there we go and see now my key will slide right in there and stay so now we got my ID we got my key I’ve got a place for my money now we’re going to put these two pieces together now you want to make sure that they are and both facing with the money up that makes sense you want to make sure that the money goes up because if you do it this way then your money’s going to fall out so you don’t want to do that so you want to make sure that both of them have their mouths opening up and all I’m going to do is I’m going to put the two together I’m going to open them up and I like to give them a little teeny bit of space just a tiny bit of space see how there’s kind of like a little arrow alleyway king of measure and the reason I like to do a little alleyway is so that when it when it folds it’s not going to squish up on top of itself okay so I’m going to give myself a little alleyway and all I’m going to do is take my tape place it right down the center okay now you will notice that I did not go over my card area I didn’t go over my akari I lined it up with my card area to make sure that it didn’t go close those cards off now I just fold this up here and this here okay and then I can take my next piece do the same thing right down the back end here okay now the only thing that’s left is to add the flap and flip that in secure that secure that or I could snip it off okay right now you can see I’ve got my wallet it opens it has money on both sides but what I do need is I need to be able to close it so I’m going to give myself a flap and for my flap I’m going to make this kind of a closure whereas my closure I’m getting into this kind of a closure because you don’t need any velcro you don’t it’s purely duct tape so I’m going to teach you how to make this one right here what I’m going to do is I’m going to fold this in half and the most important thing is this flappy part right here my sister Frieda calls this the Kilroy nose so see how there if you gave it a balls right here it looks like Kilroy so this part here needs to be at least a couple inches long so you want to make sure it’s at least an inch and 3/4 long so I’m going to take this in the market an inch and three quarters with my pen right there and I can make this design whatever design I want it to be so I’m just going to draw on here I’m going to make it kind of pretty I’m going to give it a little design element and drawn that on there and now I’m just going to cut it oh excuse me zebra okay there’s a zebra on my scissors okay so I’m just going to cut this like this cut inside that line just so you don’t end up with a Sharpie pen unless you like it you can embellish it with a Sharpie pen if you want to okay there you go now you’ve got the Kilroy nose and you can decide you want pink on your flap or do you want you know it’s up to you whichever whichever you would like because you got pink on this side you got blue on this side I’m gonna go for the pink now very very important push flap on the side that’s going to close this for you really really important so in this case I’m going to have to put it on this side right here because if I put it on this side look what happens so if I it’s on this side that’s not going to do any good that’s going to leave that open but if I put it on this side then it’ll close everything so here’s what we’re going to do got a little good you going to open this up I’m going to place this right here like that I’m going to use my tape once again do the rippity dip down the center just secure it in place like that fold it over secure it in place over here on the inside like that up I got a little crooked that’s okay I could come back and I can make that look neater okay now it closes but now I need the flap that’s going to go into so I’m going to use this purple here okay and I’m going to measure I’m going to fold this onto itself this is just that little strip this is about half an inch I’m just going to make a nice strip out of this this is a strip that got an extra here this is a strip that has no stickiness okay best way to do this is to come up over here you want to make sure that this is going to lock in place so I’m going to put that right there put my fingers on either side here as to where it ends so it ends here in here see the Kilroy nose goes right through the middle there I don’t want to go in too tight so I want to go into a tighter the nose won’t be able to go in but one here one here and I’m going to use my pink tape for this now make sure that because I want to oopsey I don’t have my pink tape so what I’m going to do is I’m going to make the zebra stripe I’m gonna mesh a little bit here guys so make a strip right like this on the side and a strip now you’re going to test and make sure yep perfect right there let’s come back and fix that up okay cut this extra bit off here okay now main thing is I can come back and embellish and make this all look really cool I’m kind of rushing here because I don’t want you to take too much time away from you guys making your own there you go and so see then it slides right in there and will keep your wallet closed now you can add more embellishments all over here so then when you open it up you’ve got your money here you got your heart cards here you got your ID here your key here and more money there and that’s how you make a multi pocketed many-faceted lady’s wallet for more things that are fashionably accessorizing come and check us out at Sophie dash you

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D E T A I L S :

♥ 16 x 9 cm (length x height )
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♥ 1 zipped coin pocket
♥ 2 large gusseted compartments for bills
♥ 1 inside flat pocket
♥ Monogram canvas, grained cowhide leather lining
♥ Shiny golden color metallic pieces

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