How to Care for Lady Leather Wallet

Leather wallets are timeless in the sense that you can use them for practically anything. Add the fact that they’re incredibly durable and you have the reason why a lot of women prefer to keep their valuables in a leather wallet.

Despite their excellent quality however, leather wallets aren’t exactly foolproof. Without proper leather , your beautiful function accessory will lose its luster. Fortunately, proper care for leather wallet is not only quick but easy. Following are some tips on how to make this happen:

Basic Wiping

Oil stains and grease can be easily removed through a simple swiping motion of a dry cloth. Don’t use water since this will only damage the leather, especially when used on a daily basis. You’ll find that a cotton cloth will do the work fairly well and actually leave your leather feeling soft and shiny. It shouldn’t take long and is a recommended daily activity so that your wallet wouldn’t suffer from any major stains.

Cotton and Alcohol

Of course, there are instances when your wallet suffers through a major stain. For this problem, you can try using rubbing alcohol liberally placed on a cotton ball. Be careful with the rubbing motion and don’t push too hard on the leather. This can actually damage the surface further and in some cases, it can drive the stain inward. Ideally, a rubbing alcohol solution is used as soon as the stain appears, allowing you to easily remove it while fresh.

Petroleum Jelly

If you’re unsure about using alcohol, you can always utilize petroleum jelly for spot problems. The great thing about this is that it also hydrates the leather so you don’t have to worry about cracks resulting from drying. Try to apply and rub the jelly in small circular motions until the leather shines brightly.

Hand Wash Leather

It’s perfectly possible to hand wash leather, but the procedure makes use of very little soap and water. Instead of soaking the wallet in a pan full of water, what you do is create a mixture of water and face wash in a small spray bottle. Shake the mixture together and liberally sprinkle it on the surface of the leather before taking a dry cloth and rubbing the surface clean. Note that this should only be done when your leather wallet is really dirty and alcohol is not doing much for cleaning the surface. As much as possible, washing a leather wallet with water is discouraged unless there is no other option.

Leather Cream

Perhaps one of the best tips to maintain leather wallet in good condition is the use of leather cream. You’ll find this in various stores for a relatively cheap price. See, leather tends to dry out and when it becomes dry, it starts to crack. Leather cream works as a moisturizer, providing hydration to the leather so that it looks great and shiny again. Try to apply leather cream on your wallet as often as it might seem to need.

Leather Cream Substitutes

If you can’t find leather cream, there are lots of natural options found inside your very own home. You can try using beeswax, shoe polish, olive oil, and the aforementioned petroleum jelly for the job. Wipe and buff with a clean cloth and your wallet should look as good as new.

Not too Much Contents

Basic leather involves not putting too many items in the purse. The great thing about leather is that it stretches but once it does, you can’t really put it back to its original size. Hence, don’t put too much stuff inside the wallet – otherwise, you’ll have to discard it sooner or later.

Wet Remedy

What if the wallet gets wet for one reason or another? If it’s soaking wet, try not drying it too quickly. Do NOT put it in the dryer or use a handheld hair dryer to work on the leather. Instead, blot the excessive wetness with a cloth and just let the bag air dry in the room. This will allow it to fare better compared to using the sun or direct heat for drying.

Remove Everything

Don’t forget to address the inside of the wallet as well as the outside. When doing a thorough cleaning, it’s often best to remove everything from inside the wallet and just start polishing the inner surface. You can use oil for this so that the inside also gets excellent rehydration.

Keep It Ventilated

One of the few tips to care for leather wallet that people often forget is the need for ventilation. Mold and mildew can actually grow on leather wallets so if you won’t be using it for a long time, make sure that it is completely dry if you’re putting it inside plastic. For the sake of precaution however, try to keep the wallet somewhere with good air flow.

Of course, those are just few of the tips on how to care for leather wallet. Remember: leather wallets are made to last for a very long time so you want to keep them looking good.


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How to select ladies wallets?

Egyptian women used wallets made of linen materials. The concept of a woman carrying a wallet dates back to the 18th century, where women would carry a handkerchief and other things in them. Nowadays ladies carry a wallet to hold their various plastic money, ID cards and so many other useful things. When looking to buy ladies wallets, you have to keep in mind that it should perform its functions well and also look attractive. Below are a few tips which could be used by you.

Ladies WalletsWhat would be the budget to buy the wallet?

You have to set a budget, when selecting a wallet for yourself. The popular Big Skinny’s Compact-Sport Wallet made of vinyl material would cost you around $27. This wallet is thin and it grows once you stuff your things in it. A branded leather wallet on the other hand would cost you minimum $100. This wallet would be in traditional classic style and also encase the logo of the fashion brand like Hugo Boss or Gucci. Thus if your budget permits, the sky is the limit when selecting a fashionable designer brand.

What is the quality of the material?

When you invest in a good quality wallet, you can be assured that it would last you for many years. Leather is a popular material from which a wallet is constructed. When you use a leather wallet, you would notice that the shape of the wallet does not change and also you can use it to store many things. Popular leather wallets are made from crocodile and snake skin. They are also other types of leather which are artificially created.

What would be the main function of your wallet?

There are many styles of Ladies Wallets which have many compartments added to it. These compartments are used to store plastic money and also loose change. Thus when selecting a ladies wallet, you have to understand what main function would it serve. If you just want to keep cash and credit cards in it, then you can select the classic design of the wallet.

Do you want personalized wallets?

Currently there are many companies in the market today, which can customize the wallet. The customization can be done by adding the name of the person, changing the design of the wallets by adding a few compartments or adding both the above features. Here you have to understand that when you are customizing the wallet, it would be more expensive.

What color would it be?

The color of the wallet plays an important role. In most cases it reflects the personality of the user. Most women would love to select a color which matches with most of their outfits. These colors are tan, beige, dark brown and black. If you are looking to add some fun, you can select wallets made of neon colors which are trending nowadays.