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Unboxing 3 Handbags that I purchased at Chanel and Céline in Paris when I got back home Australia

In Chanel Paris you are only allowed to purchase 1 handbag per 2 months due to high demand (doesn’t matter if you are a VIP)

I saw a VIP get told she wasn’t allowed to purchase a bag and told her to come back in 2 months!(whilst I was waiting to pay) I had to use my partners passport to purchase one of the Chanel bags. Only One bag per passport.

The White shopping bag & white box is exclusive to Chanel Rue Cambon Paris. The dust bag is limited edition from what my SA told me. All other Chanel stores carry the standard black shopping bag, box & dust bag. The boxes are very heavy I would say about 3kgs each.

VAT is 14% in Europe. Chanel London or anything designer in London was very pricey as compared to Europe.
Chanel London VAT is 20% but it still works out more than Europe. I received my Tax back about 5 weeks after purchase.

The Rue Cambon store is hectic- so many women buying handbags- they sell out so quickly. I was able to purchase the last Large Black Classic Caviar double flap handbag- lucky me! This bag is the most popular bag they sell. The lambskin and caviar leather is the same price unlike here in Australia where there is about a $200 difference.

They serve you drinks in store- whatever you want eg. coffee, sparkling, wine, soft drink, champagne- I had some Moët- guess it helped me decide what I wanted and made me feel not guilty 🙂 Customer service at Chanel Rue Cambon is AMAZING!

The Celine store in Paris was quiet and there is lots of stock.

I went to Celine Avenue Montagne first and bought the Trio then made my way to Chanel Rue Cambon & purchased the two other bags there on the same day. My boyfriend is truly wonderful & helped me decide on my three purchases that day. He said get both Chanels bc I couldn’t decide. He loved the service at Chanel too~ he said he’s never seen anything like it! LOL

The bags I purchased are
-Chanel large classic caviar double flap black with gold hardware 3550euro

-Chanel large 2.55 Mademoiselle double flap Reissue bag black aged calfskin with gold hardware 3950euro

-Céline Trio medium calfskin black with gold hardware 650euro

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This is my first video- it was weird talking to my laptop- sorry if i wasn’t informative enough and was too long. Overly excited too! But hope the information here helps you with your purchases 😀

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ps. A lot of you may be asking why did she buy two similar bags? I consider these my 2 DREAM bags from Chanel & I am so happy I was able to purchase them at once 🙂