100 things to do before high school – Sit at a Different Lunch Table Thing part 4 of 4

When CJ, Fenwick, and Crispo’s current lunch table begins to fall apart, they all locate a different table to sit at. CJ joins Mindy’s table and subsequently aids Mindy in finding her mom’s ring that she lost, Fenwick pretends to be an eight grader in order to enjoy the eight grade patio, and Crispo joins the Swords and Stones table. While CJ and Mindy are retracing Mindy’s steps to look for the ring, Mindy remembers that she took it off to wash her in hands in the bathroom. Unfortunately, Principal Hader finds the ring and refuses to return it unless Mindy can prove that it’s hers. Meanwhile, Crispo’s table accidentally launches food that hits the goths who, in retaliation, declare war. Elsewhere, Mr. Roberts helps Fenwick when his cover is almost blown that he is a seventh grader, but because Fenwick is caught up in all the glory of the eight grade patio, after Mr. Roberts attempts to help him a second time, warning him that if the eighth-graders discover that he is a seventh grader his pants will be taken and hung on the Tree of Pants, he refuses to help him with any future situations. Later, CJ schemes up a plan to get Mindy’s ring back, which turns out to be successful and Crispo, who’s starving, stops the war and makes peace. Unfortunately for Fenwick, the eighth-graders discover that he is a seventh-grader; however, rather than be humiliated, Fenwick just gives them his pants.

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Isabela Moner as CJ Martin
Jaheem King Toombs as Fenwick Frazier
Owen Joyner as Crispo Powers
Jack De Sena as Jack Roberts
Brady Reiter as Mindy Minus
Matthew Scott Miller as Paul Schmolitor
Raajeev Aggerwhil as Mr. Bored
Debra Christofferson as Lunch Lady Natasha Villavovodovich
Mackenzie Brooke Smith as Martha St. Reynolds
Laura Krystine as Lori Loudly
Piper Keesee as Zelphaba
Phinehas Yoon as Lightning Licano
Raymond Morris as MVS Driving Instructor