19 Craziest Walmart Sightings

Some of the weirdest people and strangest thing can be seen while shopping around Wal-Mart here are 19 Craziest Wal-Mart Sightings

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19. The Back Boob

In this picture we have what appears to be Back Boob. Back boob happens when a bra is so tight that is makes what appear to be boobs in the back.

DD- coming to a walmart near you this bikini season.
Bronx guy- My aunt jill has got a set of those on her
Old jewish lady- Bobby stop talking about me like that

18.Sometime you just need t.p.

In this photo a woman who has clearly been working on the corner next to this walmart, finally made enough money on the day to buy a few essentials.

Dirty french guy- Hey I remember her, she was on the way to my house in this picture
I called her to clean me up in isle five.

17.These things were not made to carry bears.

Excuse me sir, i thought you were a bear. A bear that really likes fast food.

Ws- you people need to stop with the eating, you americans are the all going to be riding around in little bikes like zis one in thirty years.

16.Bringing your pet to the store is not ok

In this picture, this guy got snapped bringing his pet baby alligator to wally world
Wang- I hear they taste just like chicken, maybe he bought it there.

Redneck- hey that’s my brother Jimmy bob

15.Spong bob has a bad day

DD- This lady doesn’t need to buy a laptop,
she needs to buy a tablecloth,
or some hefty garbage bags.

14.This isn’t a meth recovery hospital

13.Children of Wal-Mart

Wang- ok not even in my country do we eat that.

Ws- omg zeeh americans are selling zeh children, who will care about zeh children!

12.Old grandpa walton

I do like a nice breeze when I am shopping for dvd’s
Rednek, hey maybe it was the only clean drawers he had.

Ojl- I have a dress I bought that looks just like that flower pattern.

11.Traffic jam

In this picture, walmart is having a mobile pile up.
Ws- dis is what I am talking about, someone get a tread mill for zeehs walmart people. They probably sell zhem zher.
10.When nature calls

In this pic the mother decided that she wasn’t putting that little poop machine in the car in such a ripe state.

Ojl- o gahwd I bet this was taken after they did all the shopping

Dfg- sacre bleu, zeh walmart freaks are so uncivilized.

DD- I never agree with a french man, but I think this observation was spot on.

9.Free Hughs

It’s not actually free hugs, he is just about to start the zombie apocalypse.

Dfg- Why are zer so many old people, in my country we just euthanize them.

Ws- zeh old people at walmart always smell like da feets

8.Ham burgled

Someone snapped this epic pic as a hamburlger look alike passed a big mac sign!
Bronx guy- hey check those bags she’s stealing burgers!

Redneck- I saw her hiding in the ball pit!

Ojl- oh my gawd look at the fanny pack!

7. Life goals

I have heard of putting your kids on a leash, but this seems like overkill. Then again I don’t know what this kids wrap sheet looks like.
Bronx guy- Hey I hope she read him his miranda rights yeesh

Ws- How fast can that little dumpling be?

Wang- Iahhh I wike dumpwings- american slave twade is cwazy

6.Easter bunny?

Hi my names lequichia, I like lasagna! And short walks through wal- mart.
FG- I hope she is getting something for the itching
Ws- ain’t nobody got time for zis
Wang- does not pigtails, do’s handle baws

5.Ghillie suite

Snipers wear these, so they can blend in and look like a bush. He has been hiding in home and garden for hours.
WS- he is probably picking people of iun zeh parking lot, it is america after all.
Ojl- I saw this movie called wild bing once, he was scarrrrrry.
Redneck- alpha team go go go we must acquire all the fried chicken and hawaiian rolls we can.
Leave no potato salad behind!

4.Is it a tail

Sometimes I get tp on my shoe, and that’s kind of embarrassing….this however is some next level .

Ws- someone else tell her, I am just going to keep shopping.

Redneck- it’s worse than a kick me sticker

Ojl- It’s too bad wal mart doesn’t sell dignity.

3.Speaking of dignity

I would like to note that his shoes are untied.
Redneck- I wonder who has more skidmarks someone should tell her the south lost
DD it smells like bacon in here
Ws-more like zah sour crout
Ojm- jesus put some pants on!

2.Wait a minute

Fg- sorry I just thought I would throw this in here to break up the monotony of stupidity.
Ws- vait a minute zis is a target.

1.Building character

Super Baby and wimpy daddy,I guess this puts a whole new meaning on dead beat dad. She is going to be carting his ass around for years and years to come.

Wang- zeh child labor lawws at walmart are terrible.
Redneck- kids need to learn how to earn their keep
bronx guy- Hey that’s how you get em ready for football season.