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DATE: 2011-02-27

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TITLE: My friend, the Program


Hello, and welcome again to the2012Fad.com.

I will be your host for the evening, my name is Charlie Bluehawk.

Last night, we talked about “Cooked Whale” and how when our Masters, the Moron Masters, give orders to attack a foreign country — say, Japan — because the Japanese government thought it was important to make the world a better place to live in, by creating cars, for example, that did not use oil, oil being a natural byproduct of the natural function of the Earth (and not dinosaur bits), and by having a stable economy (which means jobs for its people), and by refusing to use Western vaccines and thereby crippling the bodies, and therefore the minds, of its own people.

And for their crimes, the United States Government, owned by British Corporations, which are owned by the Crown of England, a privately owned corporation located in the city of London, and whose major shareholder is the Queen of England, attacked the country of Japan with a weapon that causes earthquakes.

And in causing earthquakes, the high energy beams cooked the waters around the fault line — the fault lines that had to be heated — because when you heat something it expands, and because you are heating a tectonic plate, that is pressed up against another tectonic plate, the only pace you can go is — up..

And those beams that are heating the tectonic plates? They are cooking full grown whales alive in the cold waters.

And so, as the HAARP weapon powers up – adjusting frequencies for maximum effect — it cooks full grown whales, who – in agony – beach themselves rather then to drown.

Tonight I thought we would again chat about “My friend, the Program.”

If you have listened to my rants, my ravings in the past, you know about the “gay body builder” that I encountered on a bus in Island Bay, which is a suburb of Wellington, in New Zealand.

I had just seen the movie “Alice in Wonderland” with Johnny Depp, and was amazed by the depth of that film, and even today I will tell you that it is a very significant movie, but I still have no idea why.

Anyway, I’m sitting in the front of the bus, heading downtown, and this very gay body builder gets onto the bus, smiles at the little old lady bus driver, flips out his wallet – complete with bus pass – and wanders to the back of the bus, sitting behind me somewhere.

And how, five minutes later, on the exact same bus, on the exact same day, with the exact same bus driver, the exact same very gay body builder gets onto the bus — again! And again, smiles at the little old lady bus driver, flips out his wallet – complete with bus pass – and wanders to the back of the bus.

At that time, I did NOT want to know ANYTHING else about this world. I was tired; I was through, so I did NOT turn around to see how many of “him” there were sitting in the back of the bus. I just didn’t want to know.

So now today I am in a European city, and it’s the middle of March 2011 — and just a few days ago – I had that exact same experience.


Every few days I leave my room, I stop working for a few hours, and go walk around whatever city I happen to be in at that time.

My life is very glamorous — I sit inside for days at a time in a small room — usually without even a table or desk – and I work.

Lots of fun.

Anyway, I am out for a walk, and there is this major boulevard that you CANNOT jaywalk across — there are barriers, street cars, and traffic that is scary — and so, you only cross this boulevard at the crosswalks, and then you keep looking around anyway.

So, now you know the general landscape.

I am walking towards this major boulevard, with the idea of crossing — at the crosswalk, and then checking out the local street markets. I myself am broke — and so I just go to look — and to have an excuse to stop working for a few hours.

On my way to the boulevard crosswalk, I pass four Americans.

Not surprisingly — this is a major tourist city, and there are folks from countries all over the world.