25 Creepiest Images from Halloween History

The scariest and most bizarre photos are taken on Halloween. Here are some of the creepiest images from Halloween History.

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17. Devil Fly

This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Dressing up like a bug is an original idea but he seems a little old creepy guy who might be snatching young kids who are trick or treating. That look on his face tells it all. He’s ready to find his next prey.

16. Eye See You

The walking eye is commonly out on the streets, lurking popular neighborhoods and possibly spying on you while you’re undressing. These two both have extremely good vision but have a horrible weakness to pepper spray.

15. Look Behind You!

Grandma was just getting the candy bowl ready for a group of kids until 2 monsters took their candy bags and a ready to move in for the kill. Don’t underestimate the power of these demons, because they’ll get you.

14. Crazy Clown

Playgrounds aren’t usually popular to hang out at night. This creepy guy is hoping some one makes a bad decision to come for a swing set ride on Halloween. He’ll give you free balloons if you want to join him. Fair trade?

13. They got Johnny!

The zombie apocalypse has struck small town USA and has spread to infect little Johnny from down the street! Even his teeth seem to be colored black which means his had the virus for quite some time. Do yourself a favor and grab the shotgun! There’s no hiding from this guy

12. Woman Eater

Looks like one of the kids made it through the door while trick or treating. They weren’t looking for candy; only human flesh. The pain must have been agonizing and she’s probably wishing the person would have started eating her the other way.

11. The Human Butcher

The tides have changed and now pigs are the one slaughtering humans for meat. You better run the other way. This pig hasn’t eaten for a while and is hoping to put you in the oven for halloween dinner.

10. Arson Disney Kids

What would halloween be without a little mischievous behaviour? These kids disguised as harmless disney characters set a vehicle ablaze in a field. Some believe there was a body hidden inside. Others believe that the kids had played with their parents matches. Whichever the case, these kids are pretty creepy.

9. Old Dwarf and His Magic Mushrooms

Who decided dressing up like a mushroom was scary? The bizarre idea and the fact that this was from the 1930’s makes for an interestingly creepy photo. The old man somehow convinced his friends to dress up like this.

8. Bike Riding Mosquitoes

Not only are mosquitoes nuisances that need to stop flying around and sucking your blood, there also blocking traffic. This photo of a giant mosquito learned to ride a bike somehow and it ready to ruin your weekend with a few bites.

7. Angry Dwarves

You’ll notice people in the 1930’s weren’t too politically correct and dressing their children to look like midgets wasn’t unheard of at this time. Don’t think for a second these kids are any less dangerous though. Looks like they’ve had a rough past.

6. Elderly Folk

Not only dwarves are mocked at this time, let’s dress our kids up as elderly people too! These swollen headed kids probably didn’t make anyone run the other by offering to bake them cookies. But I sure wouldn’t want them trick or treating at my house.

5. Vintage Ghost?

We don’t know exactly what this kid is or who made his mask. My guess is, he’s trying to be a ghost of some sort. The face looks mangled and the child seems to be obese; unless it’s just part of the costume

4. Sleepy Hollow Child

This little girl might still have her head but it would probably be less creepy without the mask. And What is she doing on a pile of pumpkins? Who has piles of pumpkins in their backyard? I’m unsure the details on this one but that is one creepy looking kid.

3. Trick or Beat?

This skeleton child looks like something straight out of a horror film. Is he trying to get candy or take your wallet? Some children turn to life of crime. The mini top hat on his head make this even more frightening. What’s he hiding under there? And how’s it even on his head?

2. CreepyThing

Whatever look this guy was going for completely failed. Is going for a vintage Indiana Jones look with paper flowers or something? Maybe trying to look like a women? The fake flowers aren’t fooling anyone.

1.Axehead murderer

No, he’s not wearing contact lenses. He painted his eyelids with white paint to have more effect. This actually pretty good special effects during this period so that’s why he wins our costume contest! This was taken not long after the Lizzie Borden ax murders that shocked the country. It also made for some good costumes