5 Futuristic Wallets You MUST Have!

Amazing and minimalistic wallets worth seeing.


Ekster: http://goo.gl/hvyDmA
Dash 4.0: http://goo.gl/LZbG7u
AVIADOR: https://goo.gl/yEX9lT
Keplero: http://goo.gl/v4bZbL
MICRO: https://goo.gl/OJ7Y8I


1. EKSTER: The Next Generation Wallet. An ultra-slim trackable wallet that provides instant card access at the click of a button.
2. Dash 4.0 Wallet : The Best RFID Slim Wallet. The ORIGINAL quickdraw thin wallet for minimalists. The best wallet for the things you need, and access them easily.
3. AVIADOR : AVIADOR tracking wallet is a multifunctional device, with a set of absolutely unique features.
4. Keplero : Luxury Wallet. Keplero is the first magnetic Luxury Wallet made of pure carbon fiber.The thinnest and lightest ever
5. MICRO – The MOST beautiful minimalist wallet EVER! A BEAUTIFUL but FUNCTIONAL minimalist wallet made from premium grade aluminium with a PVD finish!

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