8 Futuristic Wallets for Man You Must Try

8 Futuristic Wallets for Man You Must Try.. The design is elegantly simple and the materials used lend the wallet a futuristic feel, something sure to be appreciated by any sci-fi-loving guy.

Links :

Balanst Premium Wallet – http://www.balanst.com/

Band-it 5 – http://www.amagpoc.com/

Ekster Wallets – http://eksterwallets.com/

mini safe wallets – http://www.ogondesigns.com/

OneUp Wallet – http://oneupwallet.com/

SLIDY – The swiping wallet that fits your needs

tribe 3.0 – http://jointhetribe.co/

Walli Wearables – Smart Wallet – http://www.mywalli.com/