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Thank you for watching 🙂 All item displayed in this video where purchased with my own money. Some of the links listed below may not work in the future if the seller’s stop selling the items.
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Links: (I can’t fit all the links in the description as its too long. I will post the rest of the links as comments in the morning)
LipHop lip tint: $1.99 US
Mixiu Lip Tint: $1.49 US
Hair Cutting Scissors: $4.45 US
10 PC Brush Set: $17.69 US
Marble Earrings: $2.76 AU
YSL Lipgloss: $3.83 AU
Necklace: $6.99 US Each (The seller I bought mine from is no longer selling the necklace. But I found another link)
Flower Earrings: $2.73 AU
Key Covers: $2.18 AU Each
Minion Key rings: $1.70 US each,searchweb201602_2_10038_10037_10017_405_507_10033_406_10032_9925,searchweb201603_1&btsid=0f183882-889b-4931-94ff-be7a531355f0
Hair bows: $0.77 US Each
Belts: $1.20 US Each.
Mac Foundation: $9.37 US (mine came with free pump),searchweb201602_2_10037_10017_405_507_10033_406_10032,searchweb201603_1&btsid=6a46abe6-31e5-4165-a122-540fe7d678f1
Mac lipstick: I believe this lipstick was under $2.00 AU but I can no longer Find it. Here is another listing for it (but it is the whole set):
NYX Matte Lip Cream (Not matte): $1.35 AU