Aliexpress & eBAY Small Bag Haul || LV, Chanel, Michael Kors, & MIMCO || Show & Tell Hauls

Sorry for the low quality video.

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All item displayed in this video where purchased with my own money.

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As the items are fake many stores that sell fake designer goods will only open for a week or so then shut down. there are often key words to type in to get what you want. for example: you want a Chanel wallet….type cc wallet. often the wallet will appear one solid colour or with a blurred out image. but if you click the item and read the description it may state that the wallet has a brand logo. its also good to look at buyers photo reviews as well as reviews for the item….as buyers will often state if the item has a brand logo or will upload photos of thee product.

Some links may be unavilable in the future, due to stores shutting down or no longer selling the item.

Here are the links:

Every handbag is from Aliexpress apart from the MIMCO is from eBAY and claims to be real…but i don’t think so, haha.

Valentino Medium Rockstud Bag – Bright Red:

Saint Laurent Beige Matelasse Chain Strap Cassandre Flap Bag: Seller no longer selling. Search: yl bag or yl bags women brand.

MIMCO Splendiosa Hip Bag, Rose Gold: Store no longer available. Search MIMCO handbags on eBAY or Aliexpress.

Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas Pochette Métis:

Chloe Drew Mini Chain Shoulder Bag in beige:

Michael Kors Handbag:

Chanel Mini Flap Bag Beige: No longer available. Search: WOC, cc bag, flap bag Caviar leather or lambskin leather.

Chanel jumbo double flap in black caviar leather with gold hardware:

Moschino Handbag: sorry seller no longer sells this bag. You may be able to got it from a different seller by searching: brand handbags or women’s brand handbags or women’s brand leather handbags.

Thank you, have a nice day 🙂