Aliexpress Haul #5 Swarovki & Mont Blanc Pens / USB!

Hi guys!

Okay, so as requested by many of you, I have omitted the background music 😀

I have been feeling a bit sick the past few days, so I decided to do a simple haul, please excuse me if I jump back and forth a bit :s

Also, woohoo for a shorter video! —sort of, lol! I am working on it~~—

QUESTION FOR YOU GUYS: I have a LOT of things I need to film videos on- and A LOT of them are makeup products. I know some people thought my previous makeup videos were too long, so- would you guys rather I break it up into mini bits? –lips only, eyes only, etc?– or just do one mega haul lol~ let me know please ^-^


1. Swarovski Crystalline Lady Ballpoint Pens

2. Swarovski Crystalline Stardust Pen

3. Swarovski USB Crystalline Memory Stick

4. Mont Blanc Starwalker Pen
The listing has the option for you to purchase both the pen and the box, remember the box comes separately!

Thanks for watching♥

-coming up next- my Prada and Rayban Sunglasses Haul will be my next uploaded video~ stay tuned~ ;D