Altoid’s Smalls EDC – A Girl’s POV

Altoid Smalls – Every Day Carry!

Included in my EDC:

2 small bandaids
1 regular bandaid
alcohol prep pad
(^^these 3 items I snagged from a 1st aid kit)
1 hair band
2 bobby pins
foundation inside a nasal spray cap, covered with cling wrap and tied with dental floss
a small pencil
a white eraser (from a mechanical eraser)
a tube of super glue
a tack (can pierce the super glue tube)
2 orange tic tacs
a small baggie of everyday medicine (advil, excedrin, pepto)
taped to the top of the pin with electrical tape:
1 needle threaded and wrapped with white thread
1 safety pin
2 exacto blades

I hope you enjoy my video, and this inspires you to create your own! I was inspired by many previous altoids tin youtube videos before I made this one.

Along with this, I also carry these useful items in my small purse:
1. A small 3′ tape measure on a keychain
2. A Swisstech Utili-key on my keychain.
^^Includes a straight knife blade/serrated knife blade, bottle opener, phillips and a flat head screwdriver.
See it here:
3. In my wallet I have the Tool Logic SVC2 Survival Card
^^Not much bigger than a credit card, it Includes a serrated blade, LED light, magnesium fire starter, signal whistle, tweezers, and a toothpick
See it here:

I’m kind of nerdy and want to be over-prepared, so with these discreet items I can solve many every day problems! I highly recommend any of the above.