AppAdvice Slice: Midtown Passport Wallet

The case we’re looking at today is the Midtown Passport Wallet made for iPhone 5. This soft leather case has a sturdy frame with a smooth lining, ensuring your iPhone won’t get scratched. The iPhone slips into its place on the right and cards and cash fit into slots on the left. The iPhone is well protected when the case is closed, even while the corners of the device do remain somewhat exposed as the case extends slightly beyond the device protecting the corners from most falls or scrapes. When the case is in the open position it covers the entire back of the iPhone as well as its right side and a small portion of the screen. However, in the open position the left side of the iPhone can be vulnerable. But the main feature of the Midtown Passport Wallet case is right there in the name, it doubles as a wallet and that means taking one less thing with you when on the go. It has a very professional look and comes in just one color combination, Black with a tan interior.