Audiobook Narrator Barbara Rosenblat DEAD RINGER Scottoline Audiobook narrator Barbara Rosenblat narrates DEAD RINGER by Lisa Scottoline in this review sample from the Alex Cooper series by the author of LADY KILLER, COURTING TROUBLE and TERMINAL CITY.


Lately, Bennie Rosato has her eye focused firmly on the bottom line, especially since she has three dedicated young associates and a very pregnant secretary on her payroll; so she takes a professional risk, charging into a class action lawsuit that could make, or break, her career.

Then her wallet goes missing. And Bennie’s life goes crazy.

Someone is posing as the outspoken, blue-eyed, blond attorney and is wreaking havoc around town, apparently determined to destroy everything Bennie loves. Only one person can pull off this double deception: Bennie’s identical twin sister, Alice Connelly. But as far as Bennie knows, Alice left Philly long ago and never looked back.

When events escalate into murder, the maverick lawyer realizes that the stakes are far greater than she feared. But Bennie Rosato refuses to be anyone’s victim. To find the killer, she’ll plunge headfirst into a life-and-death investigation that will bring her face to face with an evil darker, yet more familiar, than anything before.


After attorney Benedetta Rosato loses her wallet, she receives bills for identical dresses she didn’t buy and is arrested for a robbery she didn’t commit. Narrator Barbara Rosenblat is giddy and girlish when the cynical, wisecracking Bennie meets a hunky Navy SEAL and hard as nails as Bennie solves her client’s murder. When Bennie almost drowns trying to save her dog from Alice’s attempts to murder him, Rosenblat’s performance leaves the listener gasping for breath, relieved to be on dry land.


“Rosenblat’s performance leaves the listener gasping for breath….Witty.” (AudioFile)


“Not Your Typical ‘Evil Twin’ Story. You may be thinking what I was thinking. Who would use such an ancient (and silly) plot device??? Scottoline only uses her ‘evil twin’ as one thread of of many different plot strands to keep you thrilled. So *don’t worry* the entire book is NOT only about an evil twin ruining her life. The biggest one being “My firm is going bankrupt!” (That twin girl is NOT helping!) she might add for a laugh. This writer does drama, law, and humor. You learn a bit of law, *laugh at the MANY comic thoughts that cross her character’s lips or minds*. See above or another idea: about a “cursing diet.” I’ve yet to listen to a Scottoline / Rosenblatt read book that was not a winning combination. Again, the author is not intending to win a Pulitzer but she does know how to entertain and she can actually make lawyers seem warm, fuzzy, and caring. Now THAT is a a difficult writing task at which she always succeeds..”

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