Available at Magicians.com: Paul Harris Presents: Deep 3 by Bro Gilbert (DVD and Deck)

You show off two exotic antique Jokers that you carry in your bicycle deck for good luck.

You then ask a special someone to take a walk down memory lane as they remember their very first kiss… and the name of the lucky person behind those lips. It could be any name… but let’s say the name happens to be Bro Gilbert.

Now, with empty hands, you cleanly spread through the facedown bicycle deck, revealing the two lucky antique jokers from a moment ago. She removes the two jokers and discovers a bold black letter drawn on each of their backs… a B and a G. The initials of the first person she ever kissed!

And yes, just like deep astonishment, it works with any name.

It starts with a memory… and ends with a miracle.

Bro Gilbert has merged two classics of magic into one of the most ingenious decks of our time. Deep 3 is nearly self-working and exceptionally clean in handling. You can show the backs and faces of normal bicycle cards and your spectator removes the two lucky jokers herself.

With Deep 3 in your pocket, you’ll be constantly set (and re-set) for an intimate miracle, or a showstopper for a formal performance.

Manufactured with a red bicycle deck, Deep 3 includes custom vintage “lucky lady jokers” with high-contrast backs so your hand-written letters show up clearly close-up or in front of larger groups. No other props or gimmicks are needed.

Bro Gilbert’s Deep 3 is the easiest, most direct, most convenient evolution of the Paul Harris classic that you’ll ever perform.


“…clean and has such a presentational hook that it went straight into my Walk-Around case when I got home. Especially with summer coming up and the ton of weddings I have booked, this trick is an absolute no brainer…this trick was a hit all day! ”
Jamie D. Grant, Magic Friday Reviews on the M 5/5/2009 Full Review

“…well made and is smooth in execution…5 of 5 Stars!”
John Teo, Magic Boutique (Singapore) 5/7/2009 Full Review

“…if youre a card magician, even a very accomplished one, whod like to try an effect that engages the spectator on a personal level, this is recommended.”
Curtis Kam, M-U-M Magazine 9/1/2009