Back to School Organization Collab: A Minimalist Perspective – “Organized Little Lady”

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Thank you, Meaghan from Organized Little Lady for hosting this collaboration:

Don’t want to watch singles get drunk in the name of love on Sunday night? Here is a playlist with the numerous others involved instead:

Amanda W (Amanda)

AlaskanMamaVlogger (Amy)

Beingmommywithstyle (Diana)

Bored or Bananas (Jaime)

Center Station (Angie)

DontSayHurry (Cinella)

ClutterBug (Cas)

DoItOnaDime (Kathryn)

Gentle Thrifty Mama (Erin)

HouseOfMeise (Nekiyah)

ItsJustMyLifeCa (AnnMarie)

Ksquaredmom (Delis)

LivingtheSoCalDream (Kristen)

LudlowGang (Ashley)

MsDanaRyan (Dana)

OrganizedLittleLady (Meaghan)

Patricia Keele (Patricia)

She’s In Her Apron (Kimmy)

Sweet And Simple Home (Rachel)–g

SweetlyHome (Mandi)

The Purple Alphabet (Christina)

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Once again, thank you for taking the time to watch and read this.


Music: Kevin MacLeold
No Frills Cumbia

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