Bad Girls Club NY Episode 7: “New bee sturrs up the hive”

EPISODE 7: “New bee sturrs up the hive”
Andrew comes back from getting his hair cut and has a heart to heart talk with Kiki. When sapphira comes back Andrew realizes that he still does not have a wallet. Andrew confronts Sapphira about his wallet and a fight breaks out. After the fight, Sapphira admits to the iching power. She then lies and tells him that Kiki hid his wallet and that she is pretending to be his friend again. The new girl arrives and Andrew informs her about all the girls and how fake they are. How long can peace last in a house full of schemes, plotting, and fake friendships?
This parody season is just for entertainment and is not meant to be taken too seriously. WHO’S TEAM ARE YOU ON? COMMENT BELOW- #TEAMANDREW #TEAMBRI #TEAMSAPPHIRA #TEAMALEXIS #TEAMKIKI #TEAMKELSEY