Bastards Stole my Purse & Gwen Stefani Lip Swatches by Urban Decay

I still can’t believe that those bastards stole my purse……but on the bright side of life I adore the Gwen Stefani Lip Colors!! This collection has MARIA written all over it and I say it’s MUST!!! Well done Gwen Stefani and Urban Decay!!

Just as a simple reminder never leave your purse in your car and always lock your doors. I know that it sounds like a given but in a flash of a second my brand new Gucci Black Soho Purse with gold chain link handles (if you can’t tell I loved this purse so much) / oversized Gucci fuchsia wallet was stolen out of my car in broad daylight while I quickly dropped my daughter off at Daycare so I could go to work. It couldn’t have been longer than 4 minutes and they shut the power off to my iphone right away. The total irony is….. that here I am trying to go to work and earn an honest living and they were taking the dirty way out!! How low can you go stealing from a mother and a child. Amongst criminals I think they would agree that is absolutely disgusting. I didn’t even have the purse and the wallet for a month. I saved up all year to buy this on my 40th Birthday. I also lost several Kat Von D and NARS Lipsticks and several other cosmetics and medication. I don’t even think that I had $20 in cash in my wallet. I just wish they left my prayer cards from my fathers funeral. Also if there is something that you carry with you that is sentimental please take that out of your purse or wallet. Only have things in your purse that you can loose and easily replace. I could go on and on because I am heart broken but the most important thing is that I am safe, my daughter is safe and the people at the daycare are safe. Things can be replaced but people can not. Love you guys!!!!! OXOXOXOX

Gwen Stefani Lip Swatches

Ex-Girlfriend – sheer nude-rose with pink shimmer
Wonderland – dark pink-red cream
714 – bright red mega matte
Rock Steady – deep wine red cream
Spiderweb – satin red cream
Firebird – deep fuchsia cream

You can purchase the Lip Sticks at Ulta, Sephora and the Urban