Beginner Duct Tape Bi-fold Wallet Tutorial

Hello! This is a duct tape bi-fold wallet tutorial for beginners. I don’t think this is a good “first wallet ever” type of tutorial- you have to at least be able to know how to overlap tape, trim pockets, etc. I have some tutorials I’ll put below for things like trim, etc. I also had trouble finding ID plastic, like I said, so I put some ID plastic videos below as well if you want some helpful ideas. If you only have a table, some tape, a ruler, and a pair of scissors, let me know, and I can make a tutorial using only those materials. I’ve been making wallets for at least over 2 years now, so this may be a little bit overwhelming if you’ve never made a wallet before.
I hope you liked this! Leave a thumbs up if you did and tried this out! Give me your feedback! Check out my channel, and feel free to Personal Message me at [email protected], if you want to order a premade/custom wallet!

Here are some links:



Let me know if you want me to review your wallet! Personal message me on that too!

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