Behind Old People: Willow Valley, Heading Into Lancaster, PA to Go Shopping, 10/22/13

Thanks for your positive comments and your “likes”. It’s literally (1099) money in the bank for me, as this is a monetized account from which I draw royalties. I cut about six hours of video of my daily life as Jeffhfromoxford. I make videos and audios on my old iPhone4, which was my former primary device. I carry a 5, also. Back when the 4 was my primary device, I cut videos on my old 3GS. I carry the 4 around with my wallet, car keys, and my 5. I video my ideas and things in my mundane life. My corporate plan is to document a lot of my really banal existence for later on, so I can return to it and see how my thinking has changed on issues. Since the esposa & I don’t have any kids (that we support, I mean), I also want to make a lot of video to watch while I fester and develop bedsores when I am in a nursing home. It will give me something to live for and smile about. I also like making money from you rubes as you watch this stuff. Why do you do it? Finally, the people who most need to read this are likely to be the people most afflicted with limited literacy skills. But let me try anyway. Don’t waste time asking me questions in comments. I never answer questions left in comments. Please make a reply video for that. I will link it to the video in question. If you’ve got something funny or positive to add, please leave a comment. Nothing bores me more than anger and outrage. (If you think I care what you think about me, your life is more pointless and boring than I imagine.) I moderate and delete all negative comments. You haters will be shunned like a bad Amish teenager. Honestly, I really don’t care what you think. Honestly.