Bon Jovi Mashup – You Give Love A Bad Name – Prince Lestat – Vampire Chronicles

It was sometime in 2009, when I was neck deep in my studies as a math major, when “Interview With The Vampire” was broadcast on television. It struck a note within my mind; it reminded me of all the beautiful, non-mathematical wonders of human existence. I was quite buried in numbers, equations, and proofs at the time, so I found the dark romanticism and technologically unsophisticated setting very appealing. I eventually read several of the Vampire Chronicles books and now I am a great fan!

I am a “Person of the Page”, meaning that I participate in the fan discussions on Anne Rice’s Facebook page. I have heard her say that she really loves the song “You Give Love A Bad Name” by Bon Jovi, and that Jon Bon Jovi reminds her of her Prince Lestat. I put this song together partially because I, too, love 80’s rock and also as a way of sucking up to an awesome famous author lady, and ALSO as a way of not-so-surreptitiously promoting my big crazy novel, The Song and the Pendant!

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– Magnus Von Black