Build-a-bear adventures- Lady GooGoo GaGa- part 2

This is part two of our video. If you watch our first video and read the description it will tell you why we made two parts. This is when as we said before, Noella receives Lady GooGoo GaGa tickets ( Lady GaGa). And there is a twist… But you will have to watch to find out the rest.

Here is the cast:

Tabitha- Lady GooGoo GaGa
Noella- Daughter and Birthday Girl
Rachel- Noella’s mom and Host
Alyssa- Noella’s friend

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By: sabgal17 and tWiLiGhTluversXOXO

Even though we made the videos together (sabgal17 and tWiLiGhTluversXOXO) we only post them on sabgal17’s channel!

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