Celebrity Fights: Fans Punched – (Year In Review)



Being in the limelight means you’ll constantly be tested by both fans and haters. Here are 2009’s top 5 Celebs Who Snapped & Hit back

5. pro-wrestler Chris Jericho punched & spat at a female heckler after an WWE event in Canada
4. Wale flipped the fitted cap off a front row heckler who told him to get off the stage at Sneaker Pimps NYC show
3. Gucci Mane pushes then punches a female fan who interrupted his performance
2. Pit Bull pulled a fan on stage and then when the fan started throwing money, pit bull snuffed him
1. Kid Cudi, during a show in vancouver on the leg of the lady gaga tour, a fan threw a wallet on stage, cudi threw it back in the audience,then when the wallet got thrown back on stage again! cudi jumped into the pit and started swinging on the guy who threw it back on the stage.

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