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hello cool people and welcome to another amazing video from futuristic look
today we got you some cool clothes stuff and fashion accessories collection from today and tomorrow’s fashion trends and we hope you like it, we found this stuff very creative and it’s actually opening the door to a whole new world of similar products in the teen/street fashion style outfits
, we are talking about waterproof bags which is a great idea and i think in the future all our clothes should be waterproof ocz why not, right?
also a futuristic design watch from Mykonos design and an unusual wallet that’s made from Aluminum and finally a weird but so cool idea to make your shoes dance with lights
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futuristic look .. the future is all around us 🙂

Featured in this video:

1. Futuristic watch by Mykonos design
Italian brand takes its inspiration from Mykonos— a geographic leader in entertainment, design, and culture for centuries.
This stunning futuristic watch features a black dial, a gunmetal/silver band, and a unique design that features three rotating discs in the face to display seconds, minutes, and hours. With this timepiece, you will never be late, unless you get caught up in its mesmerizing rotations.

2. BLINKY.SHOES – Blinky LED strips to light up your shoes
Add these reactive, customizable LEDs to your favorite shoes and melt brains wherever you go.
BLINKY.SHOES are LED strips that make your shoes light up in bright, beautiful patterns in response to your movement. With each step, a wave of light spreads out from the point where your foot touches the ground. They use an accelerometer to sense the strength of your steps and whether you’re tapping your toe or your heel. The harder you step, the more energetic the pattern gets.

3.SWYMBAGS – Fashionable and functional 100% waterproof bags
Never leave your phone & other valuables on the beach when you want to go for a swim ever again
SWYMBAGs are the first of their kind and are set to revolutionise our experiences at the beach and by the pool. Whether you’re letting your hair down at the water park, strutting your stuff at a pool party or just relaxing in the waves – you shouldn’t have to fear for your most important possessions, or what might happen if you were to lose them.

4. DM1: Decadent Minimalist One – Aluminum Wallet
Decadent Minimalist One: A truly minimalist, coolest, precision crafted wallet machined from a single billet of aircraft-grade aluminum

More cool videos are coming up 🙂 Stay Tuned!


Believe it or not that video and all the videos on our channel are not some fantasy of the future,
these devices and the amazing tech that powers them is every bit as real as you and I.
Technology is changing our life on daily basis and in many ways has leveled the playing field between the big corporations and startup businesses.

Discovering new and innovative products and new technologies backed by the trend setters of the future is what we do at Futuristic look.
Our mission goal at Futuristic Look is to pull back the curtains and let you peek at the very best in cutting edge tech gadgets and devices.
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