Coolest Stuff Money Can Buy – OVER 400 THINGS LISTED

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This video is a compilation of all items found on There Goes My Paycheck, which is a blog that shows the coolest things in existence. Please check out the website if any of the items interest you.

Here are some of the many items:
$100 Bill Wallet
$100 Dollar Bill Toilet Paper
12 Can Ammo Pack
12-Gage Shot Glasses
1500 LIVE Ladybugs
3D Drawing Pad with Glasses
5 Finger Shoes
5 Pound Gummy Bear
5 Pound Hershey’s Kiss
6 Pack Holster Belt
8-Bit Pixelated Sunglasses
8-Bit Tie
80’s Retro iPhone Case
Ace of Spades Bottle Opener
Adjustable Hot Sauce
Air Fork One Airplane Utensil
Air Pong Inflatable Table
AirZooka Air Cannon
Angry Birds Board Game
Animal Capsules
Antique Mustache Necklace
Ash Ketchum Hat
Ask Me About Dinosaurs T-Shirt
Astronaut Ice Cream
Backpack Vacuum
Bacon Bandages
Bacon Soap
Bacon Wallet
Banana Suit
Banana Wine Stopper
Barbeque Briefcase
Basketball Return Setup
Basketpong Board
Batman Boomerangs
Batman Chrome Car Emblem
Batman Cufflinks
BBQ Scented Man Candle
Bear Grylls Survival Kit
Beer Brewing Kit
Wooden Ninja Sword
World Map Wallet
World’s Largest Gummy Worm
World’s Largest Hershey’s Kiss
World’s Largest Peanut Butter Cup
World’s Smallest Solar Car
WTF Red Ink Stamper
XXXopoly Adult Themed Monopoly
Y Shaped Computer Power Cord
You Are Here T-Shirt
Zombie Back Scratcher
Zombie Blood Energy Drink
Zombie Bottle Opener
Zombie Cookie Jar
Zombie Door Stop
Zombie Hunting Permit Bumper Sticker
Zombie Jerky
Zombie Survival Guide
Zombie T-Shirt

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