Custom Samsung Galaxy S5 wallet phone case by Shop Trokm plain or studded

Hey everyone! Happy hump day!

In this video we are featuring one of our custom wallet phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as a sneak peek of the phone itself.

This wallet phone case comes in a wide range of colors: Black, Red, Light Pink, Neon Green, White, Orange, Purple, Hot Pink, and the color featured in our clip, Mint Green.

We can customize this wallet with or without any embellishments so guys (and gals) if you’re not into studs, spikes, gems, or any of that fancy shmancy stuff you can still purchase!

We can make a wallet phone case for ultimately ANY phone model on the market so don’t be shy, contact us by emailing [email protected] for a custom quote. Note: Plain wallets without any embellishments are $19.99 with free shipping anywhere within the USA.

The unique thing about this item is that not only can it be made to fit any phone but that you can slide your phone up and down to use the camera on your device! This feature protects your camera lens by blocking out dust and scratches. Neat, right?

Please feel free to take a look around our website or contacting us through this link:

Have a nice day, hope to talk to you soon!
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