Designer 1 EASY Vegan Leather Wallet | Full Sewing Project KIDS Tutorial

Full sewing project tutorial on how to sew a simple vegan leather wallet by hand. Great diy arts and craft project for kids to make their own kids clothes, create fun fashion projects, and learn sewing skills!
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What do the Diva Sewing Box projects cover?
– How to create your own fashion collections like a real fashion designer.
– Use the decorations included in each kit to add your own special touch.
– Prepare and use needle and thread.
– What are basting stitches and how to hand sewing a basting stitch.
– What are running stitches and how to hand sew a running stitch.
– How to hand sew sequins.
– Threading your sewing machine and how to thread it properly.
– How to wind the thread from the spool.
– How to secure bobbin in place.
– Selecting a medium length stitch.
– How to hand sew a patch onto your clothes.
– Which side of the fabric is the right side and which side of the fabric is the wrong side.
– How to use straight pins to pin pattern to clothes.
– Sitting comfortably at sewing machine.
– Using presser foot.
– Turn on sewing machine.
– Using the foot control.
– Start sewing machine straight stitch.
– Finish sewing machine stitch.
– Removing fabric from under presser foot.
– Using a needle and thimble together.

What you need:

* vegan leather fabric
* rope
* thread
* metal closure
* straight pins
* fashion or graphing ruler
* needle threader
* clippers
* marking chalk
* tape measure
* seam ripper
* pin cushion
* fabric scissors
* hand sewing needles

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