Desirable Traits – MGTOW

“Hi Sandman, I am annulling my affiliation with MGTOW as if it never occurred, due to the fact Men Going There Own Way retains
negative connotations and also unfortunately MGTOW imparted a rise to WGTOW or women going their own way. This detrimental gender segregation invigorates malfunctioning interpersonal relationships between men and women. To clarify I request that you DISCUSS and EVALUATE, “Desirable Traits”, in regards to the traits men and women both build up in themselves and look for in a marital spouse. I see this as being expressed in nine categories including, Personality & Love, Aesthetic Attractiveness & Sexual Attraction, Intelligence & Diligence, Affluence & Social Class. Then lastly answer my following questions at the end. The first and second qualites are personality and romance. The Personality
Paradigm is an androgynous trait, possessing an abundance of masculine and feminine energy. “The man who is androgynous is not someone who is feminized or womanlike. However, he may have some of women’s better qualities; secure enough to ignore the exaggerated demands of ultra-masculine culture and create his own style. The woman who is androgynous is not someone who is masculinized or manlike. However, she may have some of men’s better qualities; secure enough to ignore the exaggerated demands of ultra-feminine culture and create her own style.” Love is a variety of prevalent emotions, feelings, states, and attitudes expressed in interpersonal relationships; family of creation and choice, family of
origin and friends, also impersonal; the love for objects; prized possessions. The Rational love via freewill, in my opinion, is the best choice available in the eternal existence of humanity, Romantic Rational gestures heartening love, “I love you the most in the whole entire world, universe and beyond”, and an apothegm from William Shakespeare, “till death do us part”. These are valid, due to the fact love is a conscious choice. The third and fourth qualities are Aesthetic Attractiveness & Sexual Attraction. The Aesthetic Attractiveness Paradigm is a Perfect Face and Physique.

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1. Subbotina Anna – Beauty Woman Portrait. Beautiful Spa Girl Touching her Face. Perfect Fresh Skin.

2. heckmannoleg – Makeup Artist Applies Lipstick

3. Subbotina Anna – Beauty young woman with curly red hair, perfect make up and manicure.

4. PawelSierakowski – Two Sexy Girls In Lingerie.

5. heckmannoleg – Beautiful Woman Face

6. Subbotina Anna – Beauty Model Woman with perfect make up and Healthy coloring violet Hair.

7. Subbotina Anna – Beauty Blonde Woman Portrait. Beautiful model girl with long curly blond hair.

8. Subbotina Anna – Sexy Lips. Beauty Red Lip Makeup Detail. Beautiful Make-up Closeup.

9. Subbotina Anna – Sexy Beauty Girl with Red Lips and Nails.

10. Subbotina Anna – Spring woman. Beauty Spring model Girl with Flowers Hair Style.