Digital Marketing News #53 — Female Driving Ban, Virtual Wallet, eG8 Summit, LinkedIn Revenue

Story 1: Although no written law prevents women from driving in the country, a Saudi woman – at the center of a social media campaign protesting a ban against female drivers – has been re-arrested after posting a video on the Internet of herself driving.

Story 2: Google is expected to announce a mobile payment platform that will let consumers wave their Android-based phones at the checkout counter to make payments, redeem coupons and earn loyalty points, according to two reports.

Story 3: The eG8 Summit brought together some of the world’s most influential technology leaders this week for an open discussion about the future of technology.

Story 4: LinkedIn plans to increase the proportion it spends on future sales and marketing. The company expects sales and marketing expenses to increase on an absolute basis and as a percentage of revenue and to be their largest expense on an absolute basis and as a percentage of revenue.

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