Diophy Womens Fashion Quilted Front Lock Zipper Closure Metal Chain Cross Body Bag

Link to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B018UVMY0Y

This bag is SO cute. It’s a smaller, messenger style bag, but it does fit the essentials. This purse is made of a leather-like material and has a really neat quilted look. The accents on this purse really bring it all together with the gold zippers and chains. The lock on the front of the bag doesn’t actually lock the purse, it’s just for decoration. However, if you just glance at it, it does look like it would actually be a functioning lock.

The strap on the bag is pretty long, approximately 130cm or about 51 inches. This can be used as a cross body, or just throw it over your shoulder. It has a really pretty decorative chain that connects to the bag and goes up quite a few inches on the bag (forgot to measure how far that goes!). The strap is not removable. Everything is stitched flawlessly. Nothing seems like it’s not sewn on well, or will come apart any time soon. No mis-stitches or hang strings. Just what I like to see!

The inside of the bag is just as beautiful as the outside. The fabric covering inside is a light tan with pretty paisley print. It was one thing that really caught my eye with this bag, and shows that they paid extra attention to those little details. In the main purse pouch, there is a smaller zipper that would fit anything you would keep in a wallet (if your wallet is too big for this, or if you just don’t feel like carrying it with you!), and there is a side pocket sewn onto the fabric as well that is zipper-less. On the outside of the bag, under the flap, there is another large pocket. I honestly would have missed it if I wasn’t paying attention. It blends in with the bag so well. The thing that gave it away was a small dark line that made me look and see why it was there!

I’m highly pleased with this piece and think it would make the perfect accessory for a night out. Since it is smaller, it likely won’t be replacing my every day bag (only because i have a small child and have to bring entertaining items everywhere we go), but I definitely will be using this bag when I leave the house alone! The purse has a very pretty, stylish look to it, so I think girls from teens to grandmas would love this!

Disclaimer: I received this item at a promotional price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I am not a paid reviewer, nor am I obligated to leave a positive review. These opinions are my own and based on my experience with this product.