DressGal CHEAP Clothing Haul

G’day Everyone!
SPIDER MERCH IS NOW AVAILABLE: http://shop.maker.tv/search?q=supermaryface

This is my good friend Penny’s haul from Dressgal: https://youtu.be/pyjoIpr4nAk
She is a fluffy spider, so I thought I’d share this haul here to help my fluffy spiders who are unsure of how items would fit them Xx

I’m sorry the backing music is so loud in this video. My editing program is currently broken and I am having to do a lot of random guessing when it comes to volume.

DressGal homepage: http://bit.ly/1FqpYoi
Bigger wallet: http://bit.ly/1NImI8V
Smaller waller: http://bit.ly/1FqpYof
Backpack: http://bit.ly/1FqpYoe
Fancy shirt: http://bit.ly/1FqpVZw
Red shirt: http://bit.ly/1FqpVZv
Shoulder cut out shirt: http://bit.ly/1FqpYog
Shorts: http://bit.ly/1FqpVZx
Weird tank thingy: http://bit.ly/1NImI8W

Music kindly provided by Amarante


Do you need a wig for cosplay? My recommendation is Uniwigs: http://goo.gl/QDL6CH
You can also get 10% off your purchase with the code: Mary10

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