Drugstore Makeup Haul | Kandee Johnson

Hi my SweeDee’s!Like this, leave me a nice comment and tell me if you want me to do more drugstore hauls and if you want me to review anything! Belle Princess Tutorial: http://bit.ly/1asPNVR

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Let me know if you guys like the drugstore makeup haul AKA bargain friendly makeup haul, or wallet friendly makeup haul, or I went to walgreens haul OR Took Way Too Long In The Walmart Beauty Section Haul. I am excited to test drive and try out and review some of these beauty goodies. Let me know if you want to see any certain beauty reviews or comparisons.

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DISCLAIMER: I bought all this makeup myself. I walked into Walgreens and Walmart all by myself, too. I even carried my own bags out of the store, and I put all my makeup on the checkout conveyer belt all by myself.

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