Duct tape wallet sale! (OPEN)

Wallet sale!!! Wallets prices listed below, the first bi-fold shown I said $4 but its actually only $3. This sale lasts until July 1st, 2013 so order quick! Anyone can order these wallets or wallets on my website but on whats shown here if you are a subscriber you get FREE shipping (until July 1st) so order soon!! Also don’t forget my other sale (video URL below as well as my websites URL) going on in the month of June $5 ($2 shipping) bi-fold wallet month or 2 bi-folds and a coin pouch for $14!! This is an awesome deal so make sure and get your orders in!!! All orders can be taken by YouTube PM (private message), email (URL for that as well below) and my website!!
Coin Pouch= $2.50
Flower Pen= $2.50
Cheetah+red bifold= $3
6 card pocket 2 hidden bi-fold= $5
Mustache Women’s= $6
Pink Text Women’s= $6
Zebra+Pink tri-fold= $6
Multi-color polka dot+black Women’s= $6
Red+white+blue woven women’s= $6
Zebra+pink Women’s= $8
Checkered+teal Women’s= $8

Video URL to my other June sale: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sb5PZINX77g
My websites URL: http://thegirlchildwallets.weebly.com
My email: [email protected]