Dumbest American Criminals

From bragging about a bank robbery in a YouTube video, to leaving something as personal as a birth certificate at the scene of a crime, these are America’s DUMBEST criminals.

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7. “Call me when he comes back”
In 2008, Ruben Zarate decided to rob a muffler shop in the Chicago Area. According to employees, Zarate became enraged and started waving his gun when he learned that the manager with the keys to the safe was not working till later that day.

He calmed down and came up with a brilliant plan, he wrote his phone number down on a piece of paper and told an employee to call him when the manager arrives. That way he can really rob them.

The employees immediately called the police, they set up a sting operation and Zarate was wounded in the leg during apprehension.

6. “I will be there later today”
Albert Bailey called a bank and stated

“I want $100,000 in large bills and no dye packs. I will be sending someone into the bank to get the money. Don’t call the police, we are monitoring the police scanner. Do you understand?”

The bank employees complied , the money was exchanged, and everyone lived happily ever after. This is what Bailey probably thought was going to happen…

A bank manager phoned the local police department and before they could lock the place up an awkward looking teenager rushed in the bank while holding a briefcase. Bailey called the bank again, and this time confirmed over the phone that the scared teenager was indeed his “associate.” The manager gave the kid some money and the criminal geniuses were stopped by police before they could leave the parking lot

5. The Amazing Robber
A man wearing a blond wig, fake breasts and clown pants robbed a bank in Pittsburgh. He somehow forgot to cover his face during robbery…

Police did not have to wait long until someone spotted this guy. He was seen trying to carjack a lady, his face was now covered in red paint from the dye pack that exploded in his face from the stolen money.

He was dubbed the “Fashion Bandit” by local deputies and is being held on a $230,000 bail.

4. The Masked Men of Iowa
These guys tried to brake in a man’s home, presumably to steal more markers because their disguise was not 100% complete. They were charged with attempted burglary and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Needless to say, the cops that arrested them giggled all the way to the county jail.

3. “A Florida Man”
After one successful convenience store robbery, Cameron Pittman must have felt like the criminal equivalent of Superman.

He decided to rob again. He entered a store while hiding a playstation controller in his jacket pocket. He told the clerk it was a gun and that he was not afraid to use it.

As fate would have it, a police officer entered the store as the robbery was happening. Pittman was arrested and luckily no one had to feel the wrath of playstation controller.

2. A “Florida Woman”
This beauty picked up some extra charges on her way to a jail cell when officers found painkillers and muscle relaxants stashed in her vagina.

The woman vehemently denied that she tried to conceal the pills and smuggle them inside the jail. Her statement to police was simple, “ I keep the pills in my purse and I am unsure how they got from my purse to my vagina. “

1.Hannah Sabata
In the small village of Waco, Nebraska, population 236, Hannah decided to rob a bank. She successful and even stole the car of a bank employee.

So far so good right?

Hannah then proceeded to make a very detailed video about the robbery, the new car, and the shopping spree she was going to go on.

Then she uploaded the video on youtube and posted it all over social media. This lead to her arrest and conviction for the bank robbery.