Evangelized bars, outlet stores, & downtown in Lake Elsinore

Please know that I do not sit in these bars, nor patronize them. It’s get in, execute a rapid tract distribution (RTD), and get out. This is a fraction of a full days of labor. It was 105 degrees today, hence most people were either inside their places of work, or inside their homes. Music purchased at iTunes. “Honor Him” by Hans Zimmer. Disclaimer: I do not monetize my videos, this video was monetized by claimant. Hence I do not endorse the adds. FYI: “Copyrighted content was found in your video. The claimant is allowing their content to be used in your YouTube video. However, ads might appear on it.” To watch my topical Bible study on ‘alcohol’ click here http://www.theexpositor.tv/videos/video-on-should-christians-drink-alcohol-here-is-the-biblical-response-by-bill-rhetts/

Evidently the pastor (Jason) that fellowships at this bar, and that has partnered with this bar by holding ‘church’ services there, is ordained by the “Christian National Church.” First and foremost it is important to understand that being ordained my man, or a local church can often be meaningless. In this case this pastor bought his ordination thru the Christian National Church, which is an online ordination mill. Brethren a true ordination comes from the LORD when He anoints and appoints His people with a specific gift of the Holy Spirit, and calling. Nevertheless an organization called “Ordination Reviews” did a review of the ‘Christian Nation Church’ and their online bought ordinations. BTW a requirement to be ordained is “Accept Jesus.” Can you imagine reducing the Lord of lords, and King of kings to a mere ‘acceptance?’ That’s tantamount to saying “I’ll tolerate Jesus, I’ll put up with Him.” Nowhere in the Bible does it say “accept Jesus” to be saved. In Matt 7:21-23 Jesus warned about the “many” believers that will perish. This following is their review.
Christian National Church
Headquarters: 3303 Monte Villa Pkwy, Bothell, WA 98021 (No Record)
Church Branches: None
Founder: No Information Provided
Faith: Christian Non-denominational
Legally Incorporated: No.
Phone Number: No Phone Number

Rating: F

Our search did not turn up any phone number, Church Registration, or any other information about Christian National Church on the Internet or with the State of Washington where this organization claims to be registered. Therefore, we can conclude that Christian National Church is an Unregistered Organization and Not Legally able to issue ordinations under the law.

Then we contacted the Property Management Company at address provided by Christian National Church and were told that there is No business or Church named Christian National Church or anything to the like located at this address.


First, since Christian National Church did not provide a phone number we decided to make a purchase using a pre-paid debit card we got from Wal-Mart. Since Christian National Church does not provide any pricing on their website we decided to go through the Registration Form and see what would happen. So on the last page the pricing came up as:

$165 for their Basic Package which was nothing more than 1 certificate and 1 wallet card. This is the Most expensive we have seen so far.
$315 For the Esteemed Benefactor Package which offers the same 1 Certificate and 1 Wallet Card but asks for a $150 donation.

Second, so we ordered the $165 Basic Package because it had everything their ultimate package had with us making a $150 donation. We got the package in 13 days and an email confirmation. The package contained ONLY a Certificate of Ordination and a Minister License Card.

Third, so I went down to the Courthouse to register my partner in this Consumer Investigation and the Clerk looked at the documents and asked for a Letter of Good Standing. We told the Clerk of Court that this is all we have and she refused to allow my partner to register as an Ordained Minister. So we emailed Christian National Church but got no response and since there is no phone number we could not reach anyone.

Simply put you cannot Register because they do not provide a Letter of Good Standing and they are Not Registered with any State. Buyer Beware!