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“Hey Sandman, I just broke up from a 6 month relationship because the female was keeping up and chatting with her ex-boyfriends behind my back. She was emotionally cheating which is an enabler to physical. Especially as female emotions are very important to them. When I showed her that I can talk to girls too, she forbid me. So much for equality. Anyhow, I also realized that females today are fighting for your attention. Enslaving your consciousness which obviously will impact other areas of life like career, passion etc. I even tried to get the female to be spiritual and to share a common goal and not be focused on trying to enslave my mind. Unfortunately her patterns of male attention seeking took the best of her and I dropped her as well. I was able to keep almost all my attention off of her through meditation and keeping myself in a zen/peace piece of mind as my focus. I find spirituality solves a lot of issues for both genders. Unfortunately females need male guidance but the system today encourages them to just keep getting distracted by materialism and hedonism and getting their physical form used and abused, ie riding the cock carousal. I have decided to take up full monk mode to focus on myself and grow. I recommend to you and the viewers the book “The Power of Now”. Audio book preferably so as to experience it without the veil of your mind. I am watching your videos to reteach my physical form about female nature and distance myself from the personalization of the female I was with. Thanks a lot for your contributions, they’re extremely valuable. May The Force Be With you and please leave name out please.” Well Mr. Anonymous thanks for your donation. I don’t hear any one specific topic you want me to talk about so I want to discuss the idea you brought up about women keeping in contact with their ex-boyfriends yet they forbid us from keeping in touch with our ex-girlfriends. First of all I’m sure almost everyone has heard about monkey branching women. Women trading a lower status mate for a higher status one. And if a woman was dumped by her ex-boyfriend then she is still likely to get back together with him at a future date. If he dumped her then he has higher status so she usually keeps in contact with him and if she was the one that dumped him then she immediately cuts off contact from him. That’s the general rule although I have experienced the opposite once in my life before. But the woman in question had just hit the wall so perhaps that’s why she got back together with me? The reason women forbid us men from talking to our ex-girlfriends as a general rule is because they assume that if those other women are still our friends then us guys dumped that woman so our ex still sees us as a higher status male.

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1. VadimGuzhva – Jealousy. Young sad women sitting on the couch with her arms crossed while another women and men hugging near her.

2. drx – Portrait of jealous people. Handsome man in between two sexy woman

3. AntonioGuillem – Girl ignoring and rejecting to a stalker man waving her in a coffee shop in a blind date

4. Kasia Bialasiewicz – Macho cheating on his girlfriend with other woman

5. Dmitry Denisov – Beautiful brunette woman with retro hairdo. Luxury vogue style model holding white mannequins.

6. Creatista – Cirqe ensemble love triangle with mad woman clenching fist

7. Kasia Bialasiewicz – Image of betrayal love and jealous in relationship

8. Voy – Passion of love hate. Infatuation love. Mistress betrayal within the family.

9. Svyatoslava Vladzimirska – man with two beautiful sexy girls with blond hair