Extreme Hypergamy – MGTOW

I had a client I was working with last summer. She told me about the remote community of Sault Ste Marie up in Northern Ontario and what happened when it’s economy collapsed. My own experiences put me in Cuba and Former Yugoslavia as a teenager when they were undergoing periods of economic stress and collapse. But this was the first time I had heard about a financial collapse in Canada. In the late 1980s Algoma Steel laid off a large portion of the male population in town and all hell broke loose. All of a sudden women started leaving their unemployed husbands and sleeping with other men. My female client told me that everyone was sleeping with someone elses husband or wife. This was all because the economic equilibrium had been broken. Some men still had jobs and women were leaving their husbands and chasing those particular men. Those men still employed would have women literally throwing themselves at their feet, so they started cheating on their wives. And then all of sudden the men whose wives were cheating on them and leaving them started getting together with the women that were being abandoned by their husbands that still
had jobs. Attractive women were getting together with the men that still had the jobs and unemployed men were predominantly getting together with women that weren’t as attractive and had been dumped by their husbands and boyfriends for women that were far more attractive. Families fell apart and society disintegrated and then rebuilt itself along new economic lines with the good looking women and still employed men at the top. My client ended up leave the Ste and coming down to Southern Ontario to find work and a better life. She left her husband and kids to do that. I’m not judging her because it’s female nature that gets women to act like this, not necessarily the conscious parts of a woman’s mind. The reason I bring this story up is to illustrate that women will migrate because of hypergamy and take extreme risks and leave their existing pair bonds and families because of the promise of a better material life. Men on the other hand tend to leave one woman and family because they meet a more attractive woman. Again human nature.