Fat is Sexy – MGTOW

It seems like everywhere I look these days I see overweight women calling themselves sexy and empowered even if they are fifty pounds overweight. And websites like plenty of fish and OK Cupid are providing larger ladies with male attention they never would have enjoyed ten or fifteen years ago. There are even big & beautiful dance clubs and popping up all over north America and Europe. Women are getting the message that they can become as large as they want and still find a guy that’s an eight or a nine to date and marry them. They are turning their weight management problems into a huge asset, no pun intended. Women used to blame genetics twenty years ago saying things like, I’m overweight
because of genetics. But they are now wearing their fat with pride, almost like a badge of pudgy honor and behaving exactly like their thinner counterparts. There are clothing stores for large ladies, night clubs and even annual conventions. The culture has shifted creating a situation where thin women accept larger women. And I think it was in an earlier video that I spoke about how thin ladies keep larger ladies around to keep make their own market value
rise. And the large ladies that hang around with the more attractive women are there to get male scraps from the hot girls. How many times have many of us been turned down in the past by a thin and attractive woman only to be thrown a bone by her. The attractive woman throws us their fat ugly friend and we are supposed to feel grateful. Sometimes that large lady is thrown at us by them as a shit test to see if have enough self esteem and determination to continue to pursue the attractive lady. The friendship between the large ladies and regular size girls is one of the unholy alliances in female own group preference. I think it was the women of ordinary weight that led to that acceptance of larger ladies by society. The fat women meant less competition for the women that were nines and tens. And now the overweight women are striking out on their own. It will be interesting to see just how far society accepts larger women in social circles. Instead of the skinny women trying to get their fat friends to lose weight and maintain some common thread in beauty and attractiveness they have used the situation to their advantage and have no sympathy for fat women. Being overweight generally lessens a woman’s lifespan, makes them have more health problems, limits their ability to find gainful employment, reduces their chances of finding a man to marry, creates irregular menstrual cycles thus destroying fertility and speeds up the aging process so they hit the wall years before they naturally would. Not to mention that some fat women’s vagina’s haven’t seen daylight in many decades. Who knows what kind of bacteria are growing
in the shadow of all that fat. Yet larger ladies are trying to convince themselves and society that their value is just as high as women that are thin and trim. A rational man would see all of these negatives and refuse to date larger women. Only a man blinded by lustful sexual desire and love would see larger ladies as worthy of his affection.