With regards to gestational surrogacy this is the first viable alternative reproductive strategy available to men in the history of the world. I’ve made that statement before and I’ll say it again and again. As you know it has two parts.Selecting the egg donor and then selecting the carrier for the baby. There are websites that I took a look at and before I knew about the situation in Sweden I thought about buying an egg from a tall, beautiful, blonde haired woman from Sweden. This was before I understood that it’s probably in my best interests to find a woman of superior intelligence or creativity as the most important quality to pass onto your children. Height and beauty are also important because it’s easier to find a job if you’re attractive. Just visit most corporations and government offices and you’ll notice that they tend to hire the tall and attractive people. Now I see that my logic was slightly flawed. Yes it’s important to select genetic outwardly attractive physical characteristics but the internal predisposition of a child is more important in my books. So since I made a video on surrogacy late in 2013 I’ve changed my mind in a few ways. Another thing I wanted to leave to chance was the sex of the child. Before I didn’t have problem having either a boy or a girl. If it’s a girl then I have the option of teaching her not to take advantage of men. I could teach her about what makes a healthy relationship between a man and a woman. But as I’ve gone through the world of MGTOW I now realize changing female nature through reason and logic is next to
impossible. And if I give a daughter the knowledge of MGTOW related materials it will just make a her a more effective manipulator of men. So I’d feel like I was doing the world a dis service I brought another woman into this world. That being said if by some crazy chance the medical team performing the surrogacy procedure created a girl instead of a boy this would put me into a tough situation. Knowing that a man’s value is his ability to alter the
physical reality around him while a woman’s is to alter men, what would I do? Would I feel morally obligated to arm her with the tools required to manipulate men or would I attempt to turn her into an independently thinking woman that was trying to think and act like an independent man? This would present a considerable moral dilemma. I’d love to hear from fathers that have female children and how they instill good values. Is it possible?

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