Female Rejection – MGTOW

A few days ago it dawned on me that it’s possible for a man to be in a relationship with a woman where the guy has been completely rejected emotionally, physically and yet all a man has been reduced to is a utility. So effectively it’s possible for a woman to
completely reject a man for almost everything except his utility value. And at the same time if you talk to older men about rejecting wives or common law partners they no longer want to be with they often say it’s cheaper to keep her. Which essentially means it’s cheaper for a man to be with a woman that’s not giving him sex, intimacy and emotional closeness then divorce her. So she rejects him and in many cases the man will subsequently reject a woman because she is no longer interested for anything else but his utility value. All of that is straight forward and easy to follow. But I think it’s important to look into it further. We all know that the the divorce statistic is somewhere around fifty percent of the population. But What that statistic doesn’t give us is how many people are miserable in their marriages and refuse to get divorced. We often see the divorce laws as a way to enrich women while at the same time impoverishing men. And as MGTOWs this is one of the big red flags that’s made us this way. But what most of us don’t see is that most men and women stay together in unhappy marriages because of money and status. I often wonder what the divorce statistics would look like if people were making more money and it was still possible to support a family on a single income. I suspect that the divorce rate would be approaching eighty or ninety percent. A ninety percent divorce rate would make even the most old school romantic men and women re-consider getting married and having kids. And we know that of the fifty percent of divorces seventy percent are initiated by men. If money was not an issue I would think that women would probably initiate eighty to ninety percent of divorces. Some women after all are content to stay with a husband they no longer love and respect because it’s easier then going through divorce, letting down their family and friends and risking a lower lifestyle. I’m sure many of them think it’s easier to reject their partner while still being in a relationships with them.