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“Good Day Sandman, This is the second letter and donation I’ve sent you. I just watched the movie last night on Netflix called Status Quo? The Unfinished Business of Feminism in Canada. And I was wondering if you could do a MGTOW review of this material. I thought at first it was going to be about the pay gap and maybe rape but I never thought this doc was about violence against women, abortion, and child care in Canada. Funny enough I do agree with some of this movie which pretty much surprises me. Violence against everyone should not even be a thing. Where feminists fail at this front is that they only look at it as one sided as being the only wrong that can be done is against woman and maybe some other small minority like the aboriginals in this country. And not men. I want want to get your take on the documentary itself. Have a good one, Sandman.” Well Mr. Anonymous thanks for your donation and suggesting this topic. Before I discuss this documentary in depth, first I want to take this video into the present and future with regards to feminism in Canada. Since you sent me your request for this video Mr. Anonymous a lot has happened with Canada getting our new feminist prime minister. I’m writing these words the same day as Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada is being sworn in as our new leader. His mother was a feminist and now that he’s our newly minted leader he is showing his mangina stripes. The first order of business was to swear in his new cabinet. And what he did was make sure that half the ministers are women. Out of thirty-one ministers, fifteen of them are women. He of course is the prime minister. A few people laughed at men when I said that in thirty or forty years, eighty to ninety percent of politicians in all westernized countries will be women. Canada is choosing to turn itself the route of the spend and tax feminist welfare state. That’s what you get when you give women the vote and spend your country into oblivion to provide welfare, free housing and subsidized day care to people. You get a country that eventually gives women everything they want and then goes bankrupt. What I can’t believe is how many of the important cabinet positions Justin Trudeau gave to women in his cabinet. Judy Foote has become the Justice and Attorney General. And I can see her probably trying to push for laws that go after men that are anti-feminists. Because prime minister Trudeau has already said that gamer-gate is misogynistic and anti-Canadian. So could there be some kind of crack down against men that voice their opinions against women by the Canadian government? Other positions in the cabinet that went to women include the ministers for International Trade, National Revenue, Science, Health and Foreign Affairs.

Status Quo? The Unfinished Business of Feminism in Canada — Abortion Rights

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