Fiaura The Tank Girl: Contest Announcement and Winners

So here we have the new contest announcement and winners!

Refresher on New Contest Rules:
Ends when 500 Subs are around and 375 views in 48 hours is happening
Entry Chances:
1 Subscribe gets you, 1 entry and is required to be entered
2 Donate 1$ to patronage page to get a 2nd entry chance
3 Share 10 Videos that get posted on the same day or after this one
Giving you a total of 3 entries!

Base is 5 Packages of 7$ towards World of Tanks, WarThunder, Armored Warfare, or Steam Wallet (Choose 1).
To see how to increase the size of the prizes visit the patronage page located here:

I’m only asking for 1$ from people per month and if you win, it pays for itself for many months to come! However, that much said, I’m also setting up the contests where the viewers and subscribers control the size and quantity of the prizes based on their willingness to give.

Want to be on Fiaura’s Channel or be a guest commentator? Send an email to, [email protected]

Thanks for Watching.