Fliptroniks Black Panther iPhone Wallet Case Review

Fliptroniks Black Panther Leather case review!
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This is the Fliptroniks Black Panther leather wallet case for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. Currently this case has a perfect 5 star rating on Amazon. This is the black panther model of this case. It’s just made of 100% high quality genuine leather. It’s hand stitched. And the top here, the front, you can see that it has some padding to it and under that padding is a hard cover. And then on the back there is no padding. It’s just that hard plastic there. So on the front it does have padding, on the back it’s just hard. But it does have this nice soft feel to it from the leather. It feels like a real high quality leather coat that you’d buy at the mall. It really does feel really soft and nice. This wallet case does come with a flap, a magnetic flap that will automatically snap shut and keep that front closed whenever you close the wallet. So your phone and your credit card or money are secure in there. So let’s open this flap I’m going to show you the inside. The inside has the built-in hard polycarbonate iPhone 5s & iPhone 5 case built right into the inside there. It has a nice soft rubber feel to this case but it’s hard and protective. Okay and on the other side the interior on the other side is made of microfiber. Really soft microfiber interior. There’s not much to this case at all. It’s not very fancy. It’s very simple & minimalistic. That’s why I love this case. On this side you got the dual pockets for your ID cards, your credit cards, and other personal items if you want to put some in there. Then you got the big flap here. It’s very tight so your money is secure. You can put your cash in there, in this big slot or you can choose to put whatever you want in there. But it does secure it because it’s a tight squeeze. That was a quick overview of the inside and outside of the Fliptroniks black panther leather wallet case for the iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s. we’re going to put my iPhone 5s in here and I’m going to show you how it looks. It pops right in and goes in there nicely and securely. Once it’s in there it is not coming out. It’s difficult to pop your iPhone back out of it, but you k that it’s secure when it’s in there. Let’s go over the protection and the features of this case. The side right there does have cutouts for the volume buttons and the vibrate switch right there. So you do have access to those. Also it does provide 4 corner protection for the iPhone. It covers all four corners. The top does have a big cut out, and you do have access to your power switch there. At the bottom you do have access to the headphones jack, microphone, lightning connector, and speakers. The other side is completely protected. When my iPhone is in this case I do feel very confident that it will protect it from any fall and scratches. It’s very much protected when your iPhone is in there. Very secure tight fit. That magnetic lock also helps so it’s going to protect your iPhone for sure. Obviously the wallet feature of this phone makes it hard to talk on the phone. So if you’re holding this up to your face this side will get in the way. Keep that in mind. I don’t really talk on the phone that much so it’s not really a problem for me. Also this flap will get in the way when you’re 2-handing texting & typing. It gets in the way of your left thumb there, but if you have long thumbs like me it doesn’t affect you. Also this cover here acts as a privacy shield. It’s an accidental feature of this wallet case. So if you’re in public and you don’t want the creepy guy to the left like looking at what you’re doing on your phone, this blocks him from seeing that. It’s an accidental feature but there nonetheless. Also this wallet case can stand up on its own. It’s sturdy enough to stand up the iPhone in an upright position. If you want to set your phone up it’s sturdy enough to do that. Overall this is probably the best wallet case that you can get for your iPhone. If you’re looking to consolidate your wallet and your case and have just carry one thing out, if you’re going out at night and you want to just carry one thing or you don’t want to take a lot of stuff in your pockets this is a good case to have because it is minimalistic. It’s very compact. It’s not bulky at all. It doesn’t take up much room. If you want to wear your skinny jeans out then you can. This fit into my jean pockets easily and isn’t bulky. That’s what I love about this. It’s high quality. I love the leather feel. It has cutouts for the camera & flash so you don’t have to worry about that. Overall a fantastic wallet case for your iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s. Super good protection and it looks good as well.

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