For The Kids (Baby Got Back Parody)

I wrote this parody of Baby Got Back a few months ago when I was nominated for “Abe’s Laugh Challenge,” in honor of miracle child, Abe, who passed away over the summer. After I made the video, I promised I would share it with everyone if I raised at least $3500 for Knight-Thon at UCF, benefitting Greater Orlando Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Dance Marathon is a nationwide movement encompassing more than 250 universities and colleges. Together, we take a stand to show our support for kids in Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and have raised over $62 million “For The Kids” since the first Dance Marathon in 1991.

Please check out my fundraising page and consider making a donation for this incredible cause!


I like making miracles; I cannot lie
You fundraisers can’t deny
When a sponsor walks in with a big fat check and free t-shirts in his hands, you get pumped!
Wanna make it rain
For those kids we wanna save

My donor drive I keep refreshing, I’m hooked and I can’t stop fundraising
Oh baby, I wanna raise some money and make a difference

My moralers try to stop me, but that dance they got makes me so happy!

Ooh, friends and family— you say you wanna make a donation?
Well, tell me, tell me, ‘cause I gotta raise some money!

You’ve seen us standing.
Our cause is expanding
We’re sweet, neat, shakin’ it to that beat
We’re Knight-Thon at UCF
Makin’ miracles since ’96
CMN Hospitals is our cause
For The Kids We Are

So dancers! (Yeah!) Dancers! (Yeah!)
Do you wanna take a stand? Then raise it! Raise it!Raise those donations!
For The Kids!

(Every day, every way, FTK)

For The Kids!

Miracle kids are cute and fun
And when they’re at Knight-Thon
They just can’t help themselves, they dance like crazy
Now don’t be lazy
When you get home you should
Donate, come on! Donate, donate
I ain’t talkin’ bout Facebook likes
‘Cause donations are what save the tykes!

I want to raise five thousand
So watch out for my holler
Cause I’m a fundraising baller
Beggin’ for everyone’s dollar
But I look at the lives we save
16,000 kids in the ER every day
All the begging’s worth it
Cause those sweet little miracles never quit

A word to all of our dancers, we’re grateful for ya
We couldn’t do it without ya
But I gotta be straight when I say we’re gonna dance
Till the break of dawn
So put your comfy shoes on
This stand we’re taking is really quite long
But Miracle makers are too legit to sit
And we’d rather dance all night
Cause we’re young and we’re strong
And we’re down to get our boogie on

So donors (Yeah!) Donors! (Yeah!)
Do you wanna save some lives?
Pull your wallet out or write a check
Even you have got to shout
For The Kids!

For The Kids!
Yeah, baby, when it comes to dance marathon… Knight-Thon knows what it’s all about. $392,831.65… Haha. Wait until this year!

So you wanna get involved, but you don’t know where to start. Knight-Thon is the cause that will capture your heart.
We make miracles every day ‘cause that’s the KT way.
You can use cash, coins, or card, but please don’t forget to donate.
You say that your wallet’s thin, but it only takes one Lincoln.
So donate it before you lose it, because CMN Hospitals can use it.
So you wanna know where it goes, well let me tell you now
Child Life, equipment, uncompensated care, you name it
It makes a difference
To the kids in CMN Hospitals, keep fighting my dears.
Give me a smile as big as a mile, you’ll be out in a little while!
Some miracles aren’t forever, but they give families more time together.
There’s so many lives to save, we gotta keep standing every day.
So friends, if you like this song, and you want to make a donation
go to and make a difference today!
For The Kids

(help make miracles every day) x 4