FULL VIDEO Harrowing footage shows moment father and daughter are beaten by teenage thugs

Harrowing footage shows moment father and daughter are beaten by teenage thugs in savage attack
Police are searching for people from this gang who assaulted a father and his 13 year old daughter
The pair were brutally attacked by a gang of thugs after the dad approached the teenagers about their behaviour

A sickening video has emerged showing the moment a father and daughter were brutally attacked by thugs outside a shopping centre in Australia.

The footage shows at least three youths approaching Tibor Racsits, who had gone to speak to the group about their behaviour towards his daughter Kiara, 13.

But instead, the thugs turn on the 42-year-old father, with one kicking him in the head while another boots him in the stomach.

The yobs then rob him of his keys, wallet and mobile phone.

Kiara, who can be heard screaming off camera, rushes in to help but is immediately attacked by other gang members.

YouTubeTibor RacsitsSickening: A group of teenage thugs savagely attack father as his screaming daughter watches
Mr Racsits had driven to the shopping centre in Charlestown Square, New South Wales, after receiving a call from his frightened daughter, begging him to pick her up.

Mr Racsits explained: “They had been writing derogatory stuff about her [Kiara] on the external walls at Charlestown Square.”

He told Australia’s Daily Telegraph: “I turned around and said: ‘Guys, leave her alone, don’t touch her’ and within five seconds there would have been 25 kids surrounding me.

“They’ve just jumped on top of me and started kicking into me .”

Mr Racsits and his daughter were treated at the scene for their injuries.

YouTubeTibor RacsitsBrutal: The man’s 13-year-old daughter is also attacked after she rushes in to help
Police confirmed the trouble was started after a disagreement between Mr Racsits and the group.

They added: “The man was assaulted a number of times. The girl went to the assistance of her father, when she was assaulted.

“During the altercation, the man’s car keys, mobile phone and wallet were taken.”

Police are now hunting the gang members responsible.

Meanwhile, in Germany, a teenage girl was filmed by friends as she pushed an elderly lady to the ground while her pals stood around laughing.

The woman is seen writhing in agony as the teenagers walk away giggling.

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Martin Louis
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WORLDSTAR Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago

Inconvenientruths 1 day ago
This made me feel sick. I kinda wish I was there with an AR 15 and show these cowardly gutless low life pieces of shit some facts of life. I can only hope that they were not born in Australia as this could perhaps be explained away because perhaps they were practising to join ISIS and needed a vid to prove what gutless pieces of shit they are. The best thing that could happen is that these things and the things that spawned them were put down. Anyway I assume after this clip that ISIS will certainly want them.

Missy Witts 5 hours ago (edited)
+Inconvenientruths I’m pretty sure they were Aussie born Anglo-Saxon and indigenous. And they deserve a good clip on the ear. but they’ll just get fines and community service. I really feel for the guy here, if it was me I wouldn’t have called the cops at all, I’d round up a few mates and sort out ’em ourselves, them AND their parents. See how much they like it when they are watching THEIR dad getting flogged and their bedrooms burnt to the ground.
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Inconvenientruths 3 hours ago
+Missy Witts Hey Missy could not agree more. A little real justice would not go astray for these pieces of garbage. I would put my hand up to interview them one night, altho I imagine I would have to wait in an awful big line. However something that may suit all sides is sending this lot of garbage over to Syria, that way they could utilise their cowardly gutless antics and Australia would be rid of the garbage. And yep send the things that spawned them. This sort of activity comes from the parents so those things should be corralled and sent over to ISIS as well.
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Inconvenientruths 1 day ago
Having just read the story I just hope this does not go viral, because one would expect this in say Russia or Syria. Its a pity the Dad was not armed with an appropriate weapon. Then at least there would be less future costs on the Australian taxpayer supporting this garbage. Still after this display ISIS will surely be keen to take this pack of cowardly garbage on.

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