daytime with camera on default settings as out of box.would advise using a class 4 micro sd card though .
been out a few times with it on and it has helped in what use to be difficult situations.
Car trying to muscle in at lights so a glance at driver once they twigged at the camera they backed off.
learner driver right up my rear at junction, at traffic lights same happened same learner so slow look around while waiting,instructor spotted camera straight away and pointed it out to learner, after that it didn’t happen again. I did however take a different route as did not wish to unnerve the young lady driving!
these Ghost S are meant to be released in January next year @ £329 for the set, there are some knocking around already which is obvious as I have one.
If you are after a good deal on one try proper good bunch of guys who will look after you. your treated like a person and not just another wallet through the door!