Going Commando

I forgot to mention the secret basement in Borderlands.

During the mission “Another Piece of the Puzzle” where you kill the giant Rakk Hive, there is a secret area available to you. You have to get the mission, but before you go to the Trash Coast and actually start doing any of it, you have to go back to New Haven and find the basement. it’s in a blue hut behind the building where Helena Pierce (scar faced lady with the metal arm) is. you walk through the door, literally through the door, there’s no “press ‘E’ to open” and there’s an elevator that takes you down to a secret room themed like the movie “A Christmas Story.” There’s a leg lamp and a Christmas tree and a unique sniper rifle that’s the red rider BB gun.

That reminds me, A Christmas Story was an awesome movie.

Ok, and now the links:

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