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“Greetings Sandman, fellow Level 4 MGTOW here. Since I only have a few months to live, I’d like you to discuss one of the latest songs and how women “relate” to it. Hello by Adele, of course. Many women are claiming to have relate-able feelings towards the song. I’m sure all know that such creatures don’t feel as we do. Thank you and Farewell.” Well Obsurver sorry to hear about your life expectancy. But on the bright side you won’t have to hear the next Adele album after this one. So perhaps take some solace in that. Not let me get on with the review. With regards to the song I’ve put a link in the description to the Adele video Hello in the description. The video is important because it shows us the guy that she dumped in the past and now regrets leaving. He’s a handsome black male that’s much skinnier then her and we see him all happy making her dinner like a good little utility. The actor in Adele’s video is a guy called Tristan Wilds and he was an actor on the most recent version of Beverly Hills 90210. Adele is a fan of him and so she decided to cast him in the video. So in essence he’s a crush that she has and she put him in the video. But she’s currently with a white male named Simon Konecki and they have a child together and they have been together since 2011. And Simon has apparently helped her get over her relationships of the past. This song and video have become so popular that the moment I typed up the latter “A” in the YouTube search engine box and Adele Hello comes up. It’s already got a three quarter of a million views in the last month and a half and will probably crack the top ten videos of all time on YouTube. Her latest album along with Hello have helped her concert tickets sell out in mere minutes. So why is this happening? Why are people obsessed with this song and listening to it over and over again? And just so that everyone knows it was co-written with male songwriter, Gregory Allen Kurstin along with Adele. He has written songs for Lily Allen, Beck, Kelly Clarkson, Ellie Goulding, Pink and many others. This guy is an expert at writing songs for female musicians. He’s the real star and they are just the voices behind his work. That’s the way I see it. He looks like the well paid mangina behind the music.

Adele – Hello

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1. DFree – LOS ANGELES – FEB 10: Adele arrives to the Grammy Awards 2013

2. s_bukley – Adele at the 85th Annual Academy Awards Arrivals

3. s_bukley – Adele at the 85th Annual Academy Awards Press Room, Dolby Theater

4. s_bukley – Lionel Richie at the ‘American Idol’ Grand Finale 2009.

5. DFree – LOS ANGELES – FEB 10: Adele arrives to the Grammy Awards 2013

6. DFree – LOS ANGELES – FEB 12: ADELE arriving to Grammy Awards 2012

7. kathclick – LAS VEGAS – APR 1: Lionel Richie arrives at the 2012 Academy of Country Music Awards

8. s_bukley – Adele in the press room at the 51st Annual GRAMMY Awards.

9. s_bukley – Adele at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, Staples Center

10. RL Campbell Photography – Adele Sings In Dc