This video is pretty much a review/ negative thing about google wallet. I do not in anyway condone the use of this card in fact you need to stay away from it. They are not specific about how the funding process works for your first time. If you fund your account the first time via bank it is available instantly. I was told by a google rep and i quote (this money was basically fronted to you by google before we take it out of your account!) Dam i wish banks worked like that…when you open a new account just front you a random amount of money hell that would be an opportune time for random people to do this an just take small amount of money and run. I tried to post the whole message details that i had with google online but they had deleted it before i could get it. Like i said though Google is doing something very stupid an this is NOT something you should be apart of because they fail to follow through on there part. I might get backlash with this but seriously go onto there site an go through there policy or other documents and show me where it says Google will “front” or forward you this money for your first deposit! I can bet you wont find it.